Masternever receives his style from Majid. What has happened to Judi?


Judi’s car cut through the rainy streets. The warehouse was located in the section of Chinatown, where gweilos dare not stray. She eased into her parking space with the headlights off. She could see a few lights on and some mild activity in the rear of the decrepit looking building.

The rain poured down heavily, cloaking the sound of her door as it was closed. She crept along the side of the warehouse, which was obstructed by trucks and cargo bins and noticed that there was very little security. There was a haggard soul smoking a cigarette outside of the warehouse — sitting on a milk crate. She surmised that he was a cleaner.

The man discarded his cigarette and headed inside the warehouse, walking through two old swinging metal doors. Judi followed and enters the warehouse illuminated by florescent lights overhead. She hid behind a crate of palettes watching workers place objects on a truck. As she leaned against a pyramid of cargo bins, she noticed a weird chemical smell lingering in the air.

As she moved further inwards, there didn’t appear to be any security cameras of any kind, which she found to be extremely odd. There were stacks of palettes as far as she could see.

“What am I doing here?” she thought to herself when finally having a moment of clarity. As she prepared to leave, she saw one of Mr. Lo’s henchmen from Club Sin. She drew her gun as she watched him from behind the palette, as he spoke to someone on a mobile phone and entered a set of brown metal doors.

Judi followed, peering into the door window. There was nothing but blackness. She cocked her gun and slowly entered. The foul chemical odor increased, almost stinging her nose, causing her sinuses to get blocked.

She reached for her flashlight and heard a disturbing laugh. The room lights turned on immediately, she was struck from behind and she fell to the floor.

At that very instant, Masternever had arrived at the staircase leading to my lair. As he entered, he noticed new murals.

The first is Judi with her pistol in a dark room followed by another mural that depicts Judi laying on the floor, laying in blood “Where is she?” asked Masternever. When he looked upon me for answers, I simply directed him to the next mural. This painting depicted Mr. Lo as if he had claimed victory.

Masternever stood with his fist clenched. He suddenly snapped out his rage by looking at the next mural. It was there, that he saw himself. Masternever saw himself, with his arms folded into an X, his head looking down with a ray of light around him. He stumbled, almost falling.

Upon standing he walks towards me.

“Those portraits, what has happened to Judi?”

“The young lady you care for has been abducted by your adversaries. They hold her captive, hoping that they will learn about your location. She refuses to cooperate.”


His agony echoes.

“She is near the location where your master fell. A large structure under the bridge.”

Masternever thinks to himself and he is quite positive he knows where Judi is at that point.

“The other portrait of me? What is it?”

“That is an image of you and your style!” I respond with much excitement.

Masternever’s countenance changes. No longer angered, but interested. He looks at the scroll in my hand and realizes what I hold.

“You’ve completed my style?” he asked.

“You have completed your style young Master. It has been a part of you. You just needed the courage to share it. I am the style master. I create based on what I know about you. The style is you.”

I extended my arm, holding a multicolored scroll.

Masternever was brought into a vision. There was blackness, then lines from the next, which was followed by extremely cold air. Then, mist rose from the ground. There are people in the distance. He can’t make out the figures in the darkness, but they are past Neverending Masters.

Masternever walked amongst the giant silhouettes and figures who surrounded him. They speak in the language of the Han people. Mumbles turn to questions.




“I am ready. I came this far and I didn’t come here to fail” responded Masternever.

“HE SHOULD NOT BE…,” said a final voice.

There was blackness, as the figures disappeared. Then, Meng emerged from the darkness with a white mist surrounding his ghostly figure. He looked at Masternever with confidence.

“He is ready!” said Meng.

There was blackness followed by extreme cold. The lines of text from the scroll appeared, flying in chaotic patterns surrounding and putting Masternever into a trance. Then, the blackness turned to light. Masternever woke up in his bedroom.

“How did I get here?” he wondered.

He looked around, wondering if he was still in the vision. His clothing was the same, but he felt different, there was a power that welled within him. He was ready to take on Mr. Lo and the Soul Stealer.

He adorned himself with his legendary garments. The hat, which bore the emblem of the great city. His sneakers, which have vanquished many enemies. His book bag, and finally his skateboard.

He remembered the vision. It was time to face Mr. Lo and the Soul Stealer.

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