Masternever confront’s Mr. Lo’s main henchmen! (Art by Alex Fields)


Masternever slowed down as he neared the warehouse. The street glimmered after the recent rainfall. He composed himself, knowing that he would have to face his fear. His greatest test ahead of him.

He picked up his board and walked towards the warehouse, passing abandoned buildings and yards, which haunted the area. Silence lingered. There was a faint sound, a boat signaling distress in the distance.

It was of no concern. He secured his board in his bag and looked at the perimeter of the yard securing the warehouse. In the parking lot, there were several black luxury sedans and a few utility vehicles. “Mr. Lo is probably here,” he thought to himself.

He entered an adjacent yard and climbed the fence. As he landed, he hid behind a dumpster and noticed workers loading and securing packages on a truck.

As Masternever neared the vehicle, he leaps up onto the roof. He continues to the edge, looking down at the two men working. As they secured their packages, Masternever jumped down and entered the service entrance, leaving the metal doors swinging and the men wondering if someone had just entered the building.

Once inside, Masternever hid behind a crate. He noticed a deeply irritating smell. He crept along the wall of the dim interior until he came to a corner. He peeked and he saw a henchman sitting on a crate, eating a sandwich while guarding an elevator. He was dressed in black and white, and he had an automatic weapon, which he leaned on the wall.

Masternever knocked. The henchman stopped eating and when he heard the knock again, he stood up.He walked to the corner and saw nothing. The warehouse was notorious for odd sounds, he figured it was nothing and turned around. He was met by Masternever’s hand, choked, and although he tried to break free, he fell to the ground dead.

Masternever looked around and noticed a staircase, figuring that it would be better than the elevator. He descended stealthily, hugging the wall, pausing at every sound that came from beneath.


As he reached the basement, the intensity of the chemical smell became stronger, irritating his nose and eyes. He peeked through an old rusted door. He could see a laboratory that was being used to process drugs. There were three long, white tables and at each table, the worker wore masks, gloves, and aprons. On the three tables, workers mixed, cut and packaged what he believed were drugs. “This has to be Ying Yang,” he thought to himself.

Masternever kicked the doors open. The workers were startled and stood motionless. A henchman came from the far side of the laboratory room, he blurted out a curse and shot with his automatic weapon.

The workers frantically exited. Masternever used the “Fist of the Wind” technique to dodge the bullets until he could rest behind a column.

As the shots ring out from the depths of the warehouse, Mr. Lo sat in an office. He barked orders on a phone and then placed it on his wooden desk.

“He is here,” said Lin Shantou, who emerged from the darkness, onto the molded wooden floor.
“Just as you planned” replied Mr. Lo.

Mr. Lo stood up and then looked in the corner of the room where Judi was tied and gagged. “You are of no further use to me young lady,” says Mr. Lo, who then starts walking towards her.

“Wait” intervened the ever cautious Soul Stealer, ”Do not dispose of her yet.”

In the basement, Masternever continued to dodge the henchman’s bullets. The gunfire had sparked a blaze when the henchman recklessly fired at a canister of explosives on one of the tables.

There were a series of small explosions that provoked Masternever and the henchman to briefly fall to the ground.


The henchman changed the clip in his automatic weapon, stood and looked at the fire surrounding him, he looked into the blaze wondering where the intruder was. Suddenly, Masternever jumped through the fire and kicked the henchman in the chest. Crushing his bones and ending their duel.

There were several other small explosions and the blaze continued to grow. There was also the sound of an elevator door. Mr. Lo’s three main henchmen, possessing the fighting spirits of Wu Song, Lin Chong, and Lu Junyi stepped out of the elevator.

Masternever stood before them knowing that he had defeated them once and for all. The three, surrounded him prepared for battle, ignoring the flames that continued to grow.

Henchman #2 attacked with a barrage of punches which were blocked. Masternever retaliated and struck the henchman with two clean punches. Henchman #1 attacked with his series of kicks and punches, which were blocked as well.

Henchman #3 attacked Masternever from behind with a kick to his back, which briefly sent him to the ground, where he rolled through some flames and stood ready to fight again.

Masternever attacked Henchman#1 using the “Fist of the Wind” technique. Each of the punches is blocked by the henchman who smirked, after displaying his defensive fighting skill.

The other two henchmen attacked Masternever simultaneously. Henchman #3 attempted to strike at Masternever and his arm went through the wall. Masternever rolled on the floor to avoid the attack. Before Masternever can get back to his feet, Henchmen #1 attempted a flying drop kick.

The Henchman’s foot went through the paved floor. The henchman spun and sent his other foot to Masternever’s head, where it was caught as it neared his neck.


The henchman looked down at his enemy, delighting in his suffering, feeling that victory was near. The other two henchmen, stood by idly not concerned with the blaze around them, realizing that Masternever was near defeat.

Masternever drifted into a vision. He saw past Neverending Masters performing their techniques. He heard Meng’s voice louder than he had ever heard it before.


Masternever was revived from the vision, filled with a surge of energy. He pushed the henchman’s foot back and flipped up onto his feet. The henchmen are taken aback by the display of power.

Masternever then heard the voice of Meng echoing in his mind. He remembered the “Execution of the Scroll,” what Meng had described as the moment when a Neverending Master would lose conscientiousness and execute all the styles of the scroll.

“Paws of the Dragon!” said Meng.

Masternever switched to the dragon stance and an apparition like figure appeared next to him as he attacked the henchmen with claw-like strikes. Henchman #1 fell back into crates that were on fire. Henchman #3 attacked and he was met by the “Tail of the Serpent,” which were a series of sweeping kicks, that sends the henchman hurling to the ground. Henchman #2 attacks with a series of punches, causing Masternever to use the “Golden Fox” technique, a series of punches greater than he had received, knocking Henchman #2’s teeth out.


Masternever could hear Meng in the distance as he called for his pupil to use the “Winged Dragon” technique.

Masternever attacked with an aerial kicking attack, flips forward with ferocious kicks. Henchman #3 is struck and falls into some flames.

Henchman #1 attacked with punches and kicks, but he is met by the “Bronze Mirror” technique, causing Masternever’s body to feel like bronze. As a result, the henchman breaks his hand. He fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

Henchman #3 managed to charge forth despite being injured.

“Fury of the Rain!” said Meng.

Masternever attacked the henchman using a barrage of spinning kicks and punches and the henchman fell dead.

The other two henchmen attacked with life ending blows, but they were met with the “Six Dynasties of Steel.” Masternever’s bones became like steel and as he struck the henchmen, their bones were shattered.

Henchman #1 managed to get back to his feet attacking one last time, but he is met with the “Black Dragon” technique, Masternever counters and strikes with both arms causing the henchman to fall to the earth.

Masternever was hurt and in pain, but he knew that he had enough skill to defeat Mr. Lo. He entered the elevator and as he did, he left the bodies to be consumed by the fire.

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