Masternever takes on Mr. Lo!


Masternever entered the elevator and selected the top floor. As the doors closed, he heard sounds that indicated the elevator and building were stressed by the rising flames.

He exited into an office. In front of him, was the Soul Stealer and further to the right, Judi was strapped and gagged in a chair.

Masternever called out for her but she did not move. Little did he know, that Judi was conscious. She had been trying to free herself from bondage. She realized that Masternever was in the room but did not acknowledge him.

“I have waited too long for this moment. Too long, to reap the rewards of your destruction” said the Soul Stealer.

As Masternever walked towards the Soul Stealer, Mr. Lo emerged from behind a column and walked casually towards his young enemy.

“Young master, you’ve caused a great deal of trouble. We will now finish what we started. I will finally put an end to your meddling” said Mr. Lo.

Lin Shantou smiled gleefully, anticipating Masternever’s destruction. Judi fidgeted and was almost free of her bonds. She heard disturbing sounds emanating from below. “What’s happening to the building?” she thought to herself.

Masternever attacked with a jumping kick, followed by several punches. Mr. Lo avoided each attack with slight movements of his head and body. Mr. Lo responded by striking Masternever with an open handed strike to the chest.

Masternever fell back into a stack of boxes. The Soul Stealer was overcome with joy. He barked in some ancient dialect as drool ran freely from his mouth.

Mr. Lo walked to the area where Masternever had fallen. He looked amongst the packages and debris. Masternever flipped upward using the “Fist of the Wind” attack. He overwhelmed Mr. Lo with a barrage of punches, causing Mr. Lo to stumble backward. Mr. Lo blocked each, matching Masternever’s speed.

“He’s strong. It’s as if he is reading my mind. I can’t land one strike. Something is wrong“ Masternever thought to himself. He realized that the Soul Stealer must have told him about the many styles of the Neverending Masters. Although Mr. Lo cannot learn the styles, he can defend against them.

Masternever’s frustration further delighted Mr. Lo, who laughed boastfully. Mr. Lo attacked with a series of punches. Masternever blocked each, but the force of the blows caused him to stumble backward.

“I’m going to end this legacy once and for all. You will soon join your dead master soon enough!” said Mr. Lo.

Masternever was enraged. He transformed using the “Nine Headed Serpent” technique, his form appearing nine times around Mr. Lo. Each of the nine versions of his form attacked Mr. Lo with various kicking and punching strikes. Mr. Lo anticipated and timed them all. He responded by kicking Masternever in the face.

Masternever recovered quickly and used the “Dragon King” technique, attacking Mr. Lo with a series of claw-like strikes.

Mr. Lo was able to dodge and block the attacks. He stepped back and fixed his clothing.

“I am prepared for anything that you deliver” boasted Mr. Lo.

Judi managed to break free of her bonds. She charged at the Soul Stealer, who sensed her movement and smacked her with a vicious openhanded strike, causing her to crash into an old wooden desk.

Mr. Lo sensed that his opponent was weak and confused.

“I have seen every style that there is,” said Mr. Lo.

“Finish him now! Finish the Neverending Master while he is weak” begged the Soul Stealer.

Masternever realized that he had to use a style that had never been seen. The Soul Stealer could not prepare Mr. Lo for the unknown.

Masternever crossed his arms in the form of an “X,” lowered his head and then disappeared. Mr. Lo and the Soul Stealer looked on in astonishment.

“Where did he go?” asked the Soul Stealer.

Mr. Lo turned around cautiously, knowing that something was wrong.

There was a vibrating sound heard in the room, which caused the floor to tremble. Following the buzz, was an eerie silence.

“He’s gone,” said Mr. Lo as he looked at the Soul Stealer.

At that moment, Masternever appeared with a bluish flame around him, as if he was an apparition. Only the top part of his torso was visible. He used an open handed strike, that ushered forth a vibrating sound that sent Mr. Lo crashing into a wall.

Masternever disappeared again. Mr. Lo stood and gathered his senses, wiping the blood from his mouth and nose.

Masternever appeared again, striking at Mr. Lo with an upward, striking motion that did not make physical contact but ushered forth a great sound. Mr. Lo tried to defend against the strike, but he was overwhelmed and fell to the floor.

Mr. Lo returned to his feet and received a kick from Masternever, that causes him to crash violently into the wall.

“No,” said the Soul Stealer as he sensed defeat.

Mr. Lo staggered to his feet. Masternever reappeared and attacked with a barrage of punches and strikes, none making physical contact, but each ushering forth force using sound.

Mr. Lo fell to the floor. Masternever materialized, and looked down at this opponent unmercifully.

Mr. Lo was near death and confused. The fighting knowledge that he possessed was all-knowing. The Soul Stealer had told him about the styles of the Neverending Masters. During his last breaths, he wondered how this could have happened.

“I have never seen the likes of that style. It is impossible, that style is…” utters a weak Mr. Lo.

“That style is not impossible. That style is the Flow of Death” replied Masternever.

Mr. Lo then coughed up a mouth full of blood. He fell back and died with his eyes open.

Masternever turned his attention towards the Soul Stealer, who stood in an entrance to the room, which had been consumed in flames.

“We shall meet again Masternever!” said the Soul Stealer. He pulled a tiny bag from his hip and threw it towards Masternever. The small bag contained a mystic and ancient powder that was used to irritate fire. The room was engulfed violently by large red flames.

Masternever helped Judi to her feet and led her to a window. As they descended the fire escape, the building was devoured by the fire.

They reached the bottom and crossed the street from the warehouse.

Masternever heard sirens.

Judi breathed heavily and said, “Arious, you should go now.”

“Are you okay,” asked Masternever. He hugged her and at that moment a firetruck rounded the corner. Masternever dipped into the darkness, avoiding recognition.

A firewoman tended to Judi and applied a mask to help her with her breathing. As the building collapsed, Judi wondered if it was all over. She closed her eyes. She was exhausted and she replayed the events that took place over the last few weeks.

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