The end? Or a new beginning?


The next day, was like any other for Arious Alcide. He had a tremendous amount of dishes to wash and utensils to prep before the day began.

He turned on the small portable television that rested on the sink in front of him.

“Good afternoon, I’m David Alverado”

“Good afternoon, I’m Nora Ortiz”

“Well, the NYPD has finally rid the city, of the worst drug plague in years. The police have found the location where the drug Ying Yang was produced. The police say that a worker set the location on fire after a detective, who chooses to be anonymous, infiltrated the warehouse” said David.

Arious smiled to himself.

“Also in Chinatown, local religious leaders are celebrating the end of several weird religious practices which they referred to as Soul Stealing. They say that the warehouse fire was an omen that the evil spirits have left Chinatown” explained Nora.

Masternever sighed and turned off the television. He felt a sense of pride and happiness.

Yung walked into the kitchen area.

“Arious, take some time off. Go out and get some air” said Yung.

Arious looked at him with confusion. “Are you sure? There is a lot of work to do!”

“Yes! And I’ll be the one to do it. Go on. You like being here in this restaurant with us old people to0 much. Go out man” said Yung.

Arious took off his apron, and puts on his book bag and grabbed his skateboard.

He exited the restaurant in the alleyway.

“Hey, young master,” said Judi.

Judi hugs Masternever and then gives him a kiss. “What is that for,” asked Arious.

“Someone has to show you some appreciation. You’re an unsung hero” said Judi. The two start walking toward the entrance of the alley.

“So what’s up next?” she asked.

“I was thinking about taking some time for myself. Perhaps finding a woman” said Arious.

“Oh, really, what kind of woman?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I was thinking about a cute Chinese woman, kinda sexy looking” said Arious.

“Let me know if you see any woman like that around,” said Arious.

Judi playfully hit Arious on the arm. The two stop and kissed. They continued to walk down the lively Chinatown streets, enjoying the weather.

Future master, that is the way it came to be, how a new style was added to the legacy of the Neverending Masters. This style took its place among the heavens. For this was the tale of one who was born from New York City who made his mark in the heavens.

Masternever and the Flow of Death!

Words 440