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The first phase of the Soul Stealer’s plan was complete. It was now time to complete the second phase in which he’d take control of the Jai family.

Control of Mr. Lo and his men gave him the power he needed. Now, all he needed to do was rid himself of the person who thought he was in charge.

Tony Jai returned to Club Sin after an afternoon rendezvous with one of his many girlfriends.

He stepped into his office and noticed that there is hardly any light. A few streaks of light come in through the open windows facing the busy street.

He noticed that Mr. Lo was sitting at his desk, facing the window. Tony felt that Mr. Lo had changed since the ritual, there was a dismissive nature about him.

Tony entered and he saw three of Mr. Jai’s men standing in the office. They’ve changed their attire. They no longer wear black suits. They now wear gray suits with white shirts.

Tony sensed that something was very wrong. He thought about calling his father to help him.

“Mr. Lo is everything okay?”

He then turned to the henchmen who stood in the rear.

“Turn the lights on immediately!” demanded Tony.

The men do not move. Mr. Lo finally turned around and made eye contact with Tony.

“What the hell is going on here? I hope you’re not falling for the sorcerer’s bullshit. What has he done to your mind?” asked Tony.

Mr. Lo found the question to be very amusing. He feels better than he has ever felt. He had the energy of a young man. The power of a great warrior dwelt with him.

“You’ve done something!” replied Mr. Lo.

Mr. Lo stood up and moved from behind the desk and Tony stepped back. As he moved he sensed something. He looked to the side of the room. Lin Shantou emerged from the darkness. He wore the expression of pure disgust and hatred.

“Tony, for the past few years, I’ve watched you destroy your father’s business. I’ve always felt that you were too immature and too careless. Had you father not been a close friend, I would have taken actions much sooner. With the production of Ying Yang, we can no longer afford your carelessness. I was sent here to fix the problems, and I will” said Mr. Lo.

Two of the henchmen move behind Tony Jai. Tony is overcome with fear and urinates on himself. Upon seeing this the urine on the floor, Lin Shantou released a high-pitched cackle. Trying to leave as though nothing is wrong,

Tony Jai stumbled backward and said “We’ll speak about this later. I have an appointment!”

As he turned toward the entrance. He saw the two henchmen before him. The men said nothing, but their body language told him he could not leave.

“Yes, you do have an appointment. With me!” says Mr. Lo.

Tony Jai turns toward the Soul Stealer. 
“Sorcerer, what have you done?”

“Whatever do you mean Mr. Jai,” asked Lin, who started to laugh.

The third henchman moved directly behind Tony and proceeded to strangle him.

With the exception of Tony gasping for breath and a snickering by the Soul Stealer, there was a disturbing silence in the office. Lin Shantou now had full control of the most powerful family in Chinatown.

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