The subway car swaggered quickly through the tunnels. Masternever sat in the train, leaning his head back against the car wall, with his eyes closed. He sighed and reflected on his task at hand and the burden of being a Neverending Master.

He searched his pockets and realized that he has left his iPod in my layer.


The half empty car rocked gently and rhythmically as the passengers of various races are engaged in an agreeable silence. No sound except the giant beast that roared across the tracks.

Masternever sat up, he took the scroll out of his bag and examined the lines and as he studied the form, he drifted into a trance.

There was blackness. A blurry vision of past masters. He then saw masters executing their powerful moves. In the darkness, he could not see their faces. Only silhouettes and outlines of powerful beings. Then, he saw himself executing the moves of these same masters.

Masternever’s visions were disturbed by a muffled announcement from the train operator.


The subway car stopped at a station and the doors open. No passengers entered or exited.

The subway doors closed and the train continued and Masternever returned his attention to the scroll, thinking on the vision he just had.

Two Chinese men entered the car from both ends. Their clothing and grooming were unkept. They wore black knapsacks and they carried bootleg DVDs in their hands.

They slowly walked towards the center of the car where Masternever sat, thinking about his vision.

The two men advertise their products in succession.


Masternever was removed from the vision. He had felt that there was something wrong. He could hear the men coming from both sides. He’s accustomed to bootleggers just like any other New Yorker, but he couldn’t recall two ever entering a subway car simultaneously.

He thought to himself “Assassins!”

He kept his eyes closed. He listened to their steps as they moved in closer. He thought about how best to dispatch them without revealing his powers.

The men continued to walk slowly showing their bootleg dvd’s to the passengers. One passenger, a large brown-skinned-man with headphones, looked at the DVD titles and considers purchasing. He raised his hand to signal the bootlegger and spoke: “Yo, let me take a look at that.”

The bootlegger ignored the man and continued walking.

“Yo, my man let me see those DVDs!”

The ignored passenger shrugged his shoulders and continued watching his own portable DVD player. After he realized that the man was ignored by the vendor, his assumption was confirmed.

Masternever hastily placed the scroll in his bag.

The two men continued towards the center, now only a few rows from Masternever.

The train stopped at Canal Street. A beautiful young woman with auburn skin and locked hair, much like my own, smiled at Masternever from her chair. Masternever looked at her and managed to forge a smile. He thought about protecting her and perhaps telling her to run. Who knows what might have been? But on this day, the subway assassins and would dictate Masternever’s destiny.

The doors open.

Masternever looks at the girl and says. “Run.”

“What? I can’t hear you” she replied.

“Run now.”

Both men nod at one another, and they simultaneously attack Masternever with butterfly swords, revealed from their undergarments.

Masternever rolls on the floor and grabbed the girl. He dodged the blade and in the next motion, he forcefully threw the young woman out of the car. Passengers exit the car and assassins both try and strike with their golden blades.

Masternever was too quick for their average precision.

The doors closed.

The train moved.

Lights flickered.

Masternever realized that he could use the flickering lights to subdue his enemies. Meng had always encouraged him to use his surroundings to subdue his enemies.

He used the “Fist of the Wind” technique. Each time the light flickered, he was in a different position.

The subway assassins were bewildered by his movement and strength.

Behind them.

In front of them.


Ahead of their swords.

They could not catch him.

The lights stopped flickering.

Masternever kicked the first attacker. The man violently fell to the floor of the subway car. The second attacker charged. Each sword stroke failed to find him.

Masternever took the assassins’ swords from him.

The weaponless assassin reached into his back pocket and revealed an explosive.

Masternever realized what it was and used the Fist of The Wind to move to another location, while the assassin hurled the explosive towards a window in the car.

Their was a loud explosion.

Masternever is hurled backwards from the force of the explosion. When he falls, his book bag is opened. The scroll and several menus from the restaurant fall out.

The train continued despite the explosion and the two assassins jumped through the hole in the subway car and disappeared into the darkness of the tunnels.

A few seconds later the injured subway car staggered into the Spring Street station with a trail of smoke.

Masternever returned to his feet and placed the scroll back in his book bag. He briefly looks out the window where the hole was made.

A number of passengers looked inside of the car with suspicion. Masternever pulled down his cap and exited the car and station with speed.

As he ran up the stairs of the station, he thought on who could have possibly sent the assassins. It had to have been Tony Jai.



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