A young master in Chinatown, New York City, goes on a quest to add his style to an ancient legacy known as the Neverending Masters.

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Art by Ed Watson @edWatsonart

Chapter 1 — Bullets in Chinatown

There is a block in Chinatown, were people get got. Word on the street is, that if you happened to get found on this street, at the wrong hour, someone might get at you. No matter who you are.

Away from the Canal street hustlers, pork dumplings, bootleg DVDs and the gentrifiers, blocks away from everything that felt like Manhattan, this is a street where children don’t venture. This is the place where men and women are carried into tunnels during twilight hours, and never heard from again.
This is the street where silhouetted characters sit in doorways, smoking something other than cigarettes. …




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