Online PMP Application Steps

PMP is the World’s most prestigious certificate for project management profession. What are the online PMP application steps? How can you fill in your online PMP application form? In this post, we will go over online PMP application step-by-step.

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What are the PMP application steps? If you satisfy the PMP certification requirements, you can submit your PMP application in two ways, Online or Paper.

Online PMP application is reviewed in 5 calendar days.

There are two paths for paper PMP application. If you make your PMP application as an individual by paper, after PMP application is received by PMI, application is reviewed in 10 calendar days.

If your PMP application is done by a corporation by paper, for instance by the institution or education provider, after PMP application is received by PMI, application is reviewed in 20 calendar days.

PMI recommends online PMP application for applicants. Because, it is easier to evaluate the eligibility for PMP during submitting your details, review process is finalized faster in online PMP application compared to paper PMP application and you can track the up to date status of your PMP application through in online PMP application.

Online PMP application can be started by creating a profile on through:

Online PMP Application — Create Profile

During the following steps, it is assumed that you are completely new to PMP and respectively to Therefore, PMP application is described starting from creation of a profile in

Therefore, first, we need to create a profile on by clicking on Create an Account button.

Then, you need to fill in your details to create your profile. In this section, optional fields are marked. All other fields are mandatory to create your profile.

After you completed your details, click on submit button to create your profile.

If you have submitted all your details properly, your profile will be created and your will be logged into your profile automatically.

Online PMP Application — Personal Details

After you created your profile in, you will see the status of your account for all certificates provided by PMI. You need to click on “apply for PMP credential” to start your online PMP application.

First, you need to add your address information. You can add more than one address but at least one address is required for application. If you have defined more than one address, please also select the preferred address since certificate will be sent to your preferred address once you passed the exam. I will add a home address during this PMP application, therefore I click on Add Home address button.

Details of your address are defined. Note that, mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk on left side of the field label. After completing typing details of your address, press save button.

Since I have submitted my e-mail during creation of my profile, it is already seen as configured and preferred e-mail in this section. However, you can add new email addresses and change your preferred e-mails whenever you want. Preferred e-mail address is important. Because, notifications and updates about your application will be communicated through preferred e-mail address.

You need to add also phone number to your details. To do this, we click on “Add Phone Number” button.

After defining phone number, click on save button.

And as you see, preferred phone number is also updated in Contact Information section of your PMP application. In order to proceed, press save and continue button.

Online PMP Application — Attained Education

In attained education part of the PMP application, highest level of education attained at the application time need to be defined. Note that, here, there is a yes no question first. If you have graduated from a PMI GAC accredited university, you need to select first radio button and then you will select your university from the drop down list that will appear after you answered as yes to first question.

If you are not sure whether your university is PMI GAC accredited, you can first select yes, and then check whether your university exists in the list that will appear after your select yes. If your university is in the list, you can proceed to your PMP application from there. Since my university is not a PMI GAC accredited university, I will answer no to first question and proceed to my application.

Attained Education part is crucial in your PMP application. Because, rest of the PMP application and requirements that you need to satisfy are determined based on the highest education level you attained. After you defined your highest education level, click on “save and continue” button.

In next section, PMP requirements are reminded before proceeding to eligibility requirements.

After you review again the requirements, click on “save and continue” button.

Online PMP Application — Project Management Experience

Based on the highest education level you attained, eligibility worksheet will be configured. Since I have defined my highest education level as Masters degree, as you see, 36 months and 4500 hours of project management (PM) experience will be required.

I need to add my project experiences to satisfy project management experience requirement of PMP application. To add these experiences, Click on “PM Experience” link.

Experience part appears and here, click on “add button” to add project experiences.

Start and End dates of first project experience are filled in with role and industry information. After you filled in your project experience, click “save and continue” button.

Details of the organization you had the project experience are submitted. After you filled in company or organization details that you had your project experience, click on “save and continue” button.

A contact person from the organization who can give details or refer that you had the project experience you submitted is provided. After you filled in contact information from the company or organization who can refer to your experience, click on “save and continue” button.

In this part of the PMP application, you need to fill in how many hours you spent in each phase of your project. PMI does not require a precise hour calculation here. Fill in roughly how many hours you spent for each phase in your project experience. When filling your experience hours, you can assume that 1 month of experience approximately equals to 180 hours of work.

After you filled hours you spent for each phase, click on “save and continue” button.

Here, you need to type project goals and your roles and responsibility in the project experience you filled in. Your entry must between 300 and 550 characters and you can see the character count under the left side of the text box where you will be writing. After filled in the box, click on “save and continue” button.

As you see, the project experience I have entered counts for 23 months, and I still need 13 months of project experience in order to be eligible for PMP certification. Therefore, I need to enter another project experience. To do this, I click on “add” button again.

Similar steps as I did in entering first project experience are followed when entering second project experience as well. Therefore, I will pass entry of this second project experience fast. Details of new project experience are entered and “save and continue” button is clicked.

Company or organization details and your position details are entered.

Contact in the organization or company who can refer to your project experience is filled in.

Spent hours in each phase of the project are filled in.

Project goals and your roles and responsibilities on this project experience are filled in.

Now, as you see, project management experience requirement has been satisfied with the experiences provided in the PMP application. And as you see, “add button” is disabled since requirement has been already satisfied. Although you might have several and exceeding project experiences, PMI will only look for whether you will meet the minimum requirements. Once entered experiences meet or exceed the PMP eligibility requirements, entry of new experiences will not be allowed by the application form.

Online PMP Application — Project Management Education

Either you have a secondary or four year degree, 35 hours of project management education requirement of PMP does not change. In order to be a PMP, 35 hours of project management education must be submitted. To enter, click on “Add” button.

Details of the project management education you enrolled are provided in this part of the PMP application. Note that, here, two fields might be confusing Hours and Qualifying Hours. Hours is the total time you spent in hours for the project management course, and qualifying hours is the qualified hours which can be count for 35 hours of project management education.

For instance, if a course includes self-study sessions, these count for total time you spent for the course but cannot be qualified hours. Therefore, PMI requires 35 qualifying hours from a project management education.

Since the project management education I entered has 35 qualifying hours, I already satisfied the project management education requirement in the PMP application. But, you might have enrolled in several courses and if these courses total qualifying hours also satisfy the project management education requirement of PMI, then you can enter several educations in this part as well until this requirement is satisfied.

As you see, add button is disabled by the PMP application form as well since requirement has been satisfied already.

Online PMP Application — Review & Submit

After project management experience and education requirements are satisfied, optional information are required. You may skip these question or prefer to answer.

Name that will appear on the PMP certificate is defined here. PMP application form puts automatically your first and last names you defined during creating your profile. If you want a different name to be displayed on your certificate or if you have additional names, these need to be defined here in this Certificate section.

After you defined the name that will appear on the certificate, approval will be requested.

Then, agreement form of PMI is displayed for you to read and agree before completing PMP application.

Click on I agree tick box, and then “save and continue” button.

A review of your PMP application is provided and a confirmation is requested to proceed to your PMP application.

A final approval is required to submit your PMP application.

And finally, PMP application form has been submitted. A notification e-mail for the PMP application you submitted is immediately sent to your preferred email address.

Online PMP applications are reviewed by PMI in 5 calendar days. You will be receiving notification to your preferred e-mail address about the PMP application process.

If you log on to your account in, you will be seeing your up to date status about certifications and applications.

PMI PMP Application Audit Process

PMI audits some PMP applications. This audit is done randomly.

If your PMP application is audited, PMI might require you to provide copies of your diploma or global equivalent. No matter if you have a secondary or four year degree, if PMI asks for your diploma, you need to provide copies of your diploma to PMI.

PMI might require reference letters from your supervisors or managers that you performed the project work you stated in your PMP application. If this is asked by PMI, when asking your supervisors or managers to write reference letters, provide them also what you mentioned in your PMP application to avoid any inconsistencies between your application and their references.

PMI might also require copies of certificates and/or letters from the training institutes for each course recorded in project management education section. If this is required by PMI, provide copies of your completion certificates regarding project management education you enrolled, transcript of the course which includes the curriculum and also letter of enrollment which proves you enrolled in that course. Even if you do not have these, if you contact your education provider, they should provide the information you requested for PMI.

After you receive the notification email of PMI regarding supporting documentation about audit, you need to send these documents to following address of PMI within 90 days.

Address: PMI

Attn: Certification Audit

14 Campus Blvd. Newtown Square, PA 19073–3299 USA

PMP Examination Content

PMP Exam includes 200 questions. 25 questions of these questions are not scored and your score is evaluated over the remaining 175 questions. These unscored 25 questions are randomly distributed to 200 questions so be careful during the PMP exam that they are not either first or last 25 questions. Answer all questions carefully since each question is a scored question most probably.

PMP exam takes 4 hours to complete and you have to complete all 200 questions within 4 hours.

Following PMP Exam blueprint has been taken from PMP Handbook and depicts the domains included in PMP exam and distribution of questions to these domains.

Initiation domain has 13% of the questions, planning domain has 24% of the questions, and executing domain has the highest percentage of the questions, 30%. Because, executing domain where the most of the project work is performed and delivered to customer. Monitoring and controlling domain has 25% of the questions and finally last domain, closing has 8% of the questions.

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