Top 6 Movies for Project Managers to Watch

Project management is the trending profession of the recent years. What is project management? Why the importance of project management and project managers is increasing?

We can briefly define the project management as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. With this definition in mind, we can state that project management is not only present in our professional life but in our personal lives as well. Because project managing skills can also be applied to daily situations.

That’s the reason why we can clearly distinguish great project management examples in movies. There are lessons for project managers to be learned from the silver screen. We have made a list of 6 movies which are a great way to see the project management with another perspective. So let’s begin!

1. Inside Out

Sometimes you can have a team composed of people with different personalities, you can even find your coworkers annoying. In the case of Inside Out they are distinctly different. because they are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. They are all working together on a project which is creating the personality of a child. The project manager here is the Joy, but she makes the mistake of not giving enough importance to the skills of the others; especially Sadness and tries to manage everything by her own. The result is a big chaos, but afterwards by making a collaboration with her team members, they can put everything in order and continue with the project.

Lesson for the project managers:

A good project manager should never underestimate the power of a different skill in the team because when properly used, this skill can be beneficial for the whole project.

2. The Martian

There are two different but simultaneous projects going on in The Martian. One is the survival project of Mark Watney and the other is the project aiming to save him. Watney has the right skills for his survival project: he’s a botanist, he knows how to repair a broken Pathfinder and the most important thing is he doesn’t panic even in his first day alone on Mars. On the other hand, he’s not alone in this project. The members of the ‘remote’ team helping him are trying their best to achieve their goal. This is a good example for the importance of the communication between the team even if they are far away!

Lesson for the project managers: Right skills and a dedicated team which believes in the project can save you!

3. Cars of the Revolution

This Turkish movie tells the real story of the first car designed and produced in Turkey in the year of 1961. This a real good example of project management in a difficult situation. The 23 engineers assigned to that project have only 130 days to design and produce the car but they also have to struggle with many external obstacles. With a great determination and belief, they manage to finish their project successfully. Unfortunately their success is wiped out because of political reasons but that’s another story…

Lesson for the project managers: No matter the circumstances, if you believe in your team and to the project as a project manager, no obstacle can stop you from finishing it with success.

4. Back To The Future

In this movie, the most important factor of the project is the time management. Marty McFly should schedule the project so meticulously that he should be by the church at the exact time when the lightning will hit. Also he should prevent to break the space & time continuum, that’s why he should be extra careful when he works on the project. Fortunately he has a partner with the accurate skills and know-how, that’s how he can return back to his time again and with a better lot better scenario than before.

Lesson for the project managers: You shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks when trying to finish a project but also you have to be sure that you have the right members within your project management team.

5. Ironman

When Tony Stark built the first armor as his first project, his resources weren’t enough. But it was still sufficient for his first objective: to escape from his hostage situation. So we can say that he was a successful project manager. Afterwards, he builds a stronger suit with a more powerful arc reactor. So as a project manager he brings together his previous experiences and also a useful tool, to succeed even more in his next project.

Lesson for the project managers: Even if you are succeeding adequately in your projects, you should benefit from something new, for instance something to improve your skills such as a PMP Certificate.

6. Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters has been formed, because they realized a particular problem and need in the market: the ghosts exists and there should be a team and tools to get rid off them. So for their project which started with this radical idea, they gathered the necessary funding and worked on producing their high-tech equipment to catch the ghosts. What happened next didn’t seem so hopeful for the future of their project: the lack of customers. But afterwards their business striked because they were the first and only to believe and work on this particular project. They even managed to save the world!

Lesson for the project managers: Sometimes you need to be a courageous pioneer and even if nobody believes in your project yet, you should go on to work on that. If you were right in the first place, you will have the advantage of being the first in the market.

As you see there are many lessons we can learn from movies, as project managers. If we watch them with another perspective, we can realize that project management is also a part of the movies that we watch for entertainment.

Do you have any movies to add to our list? Please let us know in the comment section.

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