Great sites on big data , analytics and data science.

Master Prieto
Oct 5, 2016 · 1 min read

It is importante to be updated on whats happening in data science so I made a list of sites that explore new ideas.

The list contains sites about analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, big data, data management, visualization and R applications. A community for Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Site with recommendations, blog lists and book reviews. Data science tutorials and tips for implementation. Analytics an visualization, includes R resources. A blog on data science and analytics frameworks. Text mining, Visualization and Social Media. Big data, data science and coding for startups. Trends, tools and best practices. Comics and ideas on statistics. Predictive analytics, business intelligence and more ideas on how to apply analytics. From the guys working at Oracle data mining. Even if you don’t like oracle they have great comments on frameworks. AI and Internet of Things.

And my favorite This is the site of sites. I used as an Index for places around the web.

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