Longest path into learning Data Structures and Algorithms for the Tech Interview.

I am a non traditional software developer. I do not have a (CS) Computer Science degree, instead I opted to get a Software Engineering degree. It is interesting that in our industry most people who have CS degrees do not call themselves Computer Scientist but instead they call themselves engineers. From what I call tell most Software Engineering jobs do not require hard core CS skills yet most companies still interview Software Engineers for core CS skills.

The game is this. If you want a job at a Google or Facebook, you need to learn core algorithms and data structures. Most bootcamps teach some data structures and algorithms but most bootcamps do not spend enough much time on these core areas. …

There are lots of rumors that Apple is working to transition away from Intel CPUs to use in house ARM based CPUs. Apple has already been shipping something called the Apple neural engine as part of their integrated CPU/GPU offering for iPhone and iPads. If Apple is going to replace the CPU in the Mac then it is probably going to be replacing the hardware GPUs also.

Changing a CPU architecture is not easy and it takes time. Introducing an Apple designed GPU for MacBookPros/MacPros/iMacs is more feasible in the short term

I believe Apple is working to replace AMD video cards in the MacBookPros/MacPros/iMacs and thus place itself as the premier gaming/entertainment center. …

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Check out my awesome handwriting.

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do for a living but I always liked computers as a tool for creativity and general fun.

This was my short list:

  • Movie Director
  • Film Editor
  • Script Writer/ Book Writer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Web Developer
  • 3d Motion Graphic Designer/ Special Digital Effects Artist
  • Preacher/Pastor/Minister
  • Linux/Unix Administrator
  • TV Station Motion Graphics Artist
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This black screen used to be scary for me.

Growing up I did not have access to many technical things but I did have a photo camera which introduced me to the world of creating. This was a splash proof film camera that my parents had gotten me for my birthday. It was bright yellow but I did not care. It was awesome. I hated having to wait a week to get the photos back. I don’t think I can locate any of the photos anymore. The first computer I could call my own was the 2007 MacBook Pro with the Intel CPU. This was the laptop I used to learn video editing using FinalCut and multimedia using the Adobe Suit of creative tools. I love creating things. I can get lost in a project when I find myself in the flow of things. Recently I decided to learn web development for good. I knew how to edit websites but most of the behind the scenes was a mystery to me. Code used to scare me because it was so foreign and cryptic. One of my first jobs was being a web designer but I relied heavily on Adobe DreamWeaver to make my design into code. The web back then was disappointing. The iPhone was not there yet. Flash was king. The internet was slow. I decided that video editing was more exciting then so I became a video editor full time for a few years. Back then there was talks about HTML5, JS4 and CSS3 but Flash was just too good. There was not a point into making the web better until the iPhone came and killed flash. In 2015 ES6 came out and HTML5 and CSS3 were already mature. I like the web now. We have things like localStorage and historyAPI which makes making websites feel a lot more like making native apps. …

First of all make sure you have latest trunk snapshot from swift.org and are using it:

$ export TOOLCHAINS=swift

$ xcrun — find swift


Clone Swift Package Manager from https://github.com/apple/swift-package-manager

This will build and test swiftpm on command line:

$ Utilities/bootstrap test

If you prefer Xcode:

$ Utilities/bootstrap — generate-xcodeproj

$ open SwiftPM.xcodeproj

$ cmd + u



I picked up my iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB Wifi + Cellular Model the morning of Nov 11th 2015 at my local Apple store. It felt like Christmas had come early. I bought the case ahead of time so I had it ready when I picked up the iPad.

iPad Pro has impressive hardware.
I’ve been getting average 10h of battery life on the weekend.

I wanted to use the iPad mainly for personal use during the weekend. I ended up using the iPad mostly after work when I want to watch a show or a movie with my wife. I love how loud the speakers are. …

Udacity Ad (2017)
Udacity Ad (2016)
ITT Promo Ad (1989)

Udacity came out with a really cool commercial that actually worried me. I’ve seen commercials like this before with a lot of promises about jobs. I remember watching these types of commercials on TV about ITT Tech and thinking “That is exactly what I want”. ITT was never an accredited school but it also promised people jobs for the future. I ended up going to ITT Tech Seattle, WA / Rancho Cordova, CA for about a year before it shut down. This little adventure costed me around $10k. I didn’t learn anything marketable at that school. …

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Senior High School Project. Notice programmer is misspelled :)

I’ve always wanted to be a computer programmer. In 2003, this was part of the plan. During my freshman year in college I found out very quickly that perhaps I didn’t want to be a programmer because I felt that I did not have the capacity. I didn’t really want to take chemistry and biology; I found physics to be too abstract for a subject that was supposed to be about our physical world. I wanted to do creative things that computer programs would allow me to do so I transferred to a community college to pursue Digital Media. I didn’t know it then but I still wanted to be a computer programmer but I thought it was too hard because of my experience during freshman year. I kept finding ways to use programming. From editing xml for Final Cut Pro timelines, to adding simple scripts to After Effects to make objects fly, to creating 3d building structures in Modo, to being able to create a mini program inside Excel. …


Chéyo Jiménez

Software Engineer. Follower of Yeshua. Previously: Project Manager, Senior Video Editor, Web Designer.

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