Idle Heroes Events (Guides and Sneak Peeks) — Idle Heroes Pro

Just like its name, during this event, players need to open the

Prophet Orb to get the valuable rewards.

Similar to Heroic Summon and Fusion & Awakening, Prophet Orb Summon contributes a huge part to your account growth in Idle Heroes.

However, it is more likely the biggest part, as it allows you to target any specific Faction you want to focus, rather than giving you a random Hero from any faction. This helps you upgrade any specific Hero/Faction a lot easier.

Similar to Heroic Summon, Orb Event is repeatable. Thus, you can get the top rewards up to 4 times.

Another reason why everyone loves this Event is that for every 20xProphet’s Blessings. Once you have 100x

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