Self-Validation is the Key to Unlimited Motivation

Ever gone through a whole day avoiding the one particular task you needed to complete? If so, you aren’t alone and we all seem to have problems with self-motivation at times but today we have the solution; self-validation. According to experts, believing in your ability and believing your work is worthwhile will lead to increased motivation so let’s find out how it works!

Your Mindset-

To start, motivation always comes back to your type of mindset and there are two main options; fixed or growth. Initially, this sounds like an option for investing or for a mortgage and the principle is actually the same. With a fixed mindset, you believe your resources are limited and can never be changed regardless of what happens. On the other hand, a growth mindset is one where intelligence is flexible and can continually expand over time. Once you recognize on which side you sit, the following process will be easier.


In life, we typically move from one task to the next performing only for others. For example, this includes your loved ones as well as managers and bosses at work. Therefore, learning self-validation is far from easy. This being said, it will be pivotal for your success in life because self-motivation is one of the most important skills someone can have; a genius who isn’t motivated will always be outperformed by an average person who is.

Be Present

For the first step in this journey, we recommend forgetting the past and trying to find some sort of justification for what happened in the past. Instead, learn to understand your current mood and motivation in any given moment. By being aware, you can build focus on your goals and realign yourself with any plans and strategies you have. As you may have noticed, this is actually the theory behind mindfulness along with being in tune with your emotions.

Once again, this isn’t easy and many people say ‘well, how do I know how I’m feeling?’. If you’re struggling, we suggest making an educated guess because this still allows you to explore your mind and emotions. By doing this, you start to move towards the growth mindset and you learn more about how you operate on a daily basis.

Outside of Work-

When looking for motivation in work, many people forget about their life outside of work but this time is pivotal. When you have a project in your spare time, you suddenly have a light at the end of the tunnel and motivation to get you through the day. Over time, you start to find what you enjoy about your career and the work/life balance will be more perfect than ever before. As before, be mindful in the moment and really find what you want to do outside of work and the motivation that comes as a result will improve your work life.

Be Selfish-

Often, we play roles in other people’s movies but we never really get to star in our own. For this reason, now is the time to break away and this will help you to validate your accomplishments. Why? Because starring in your own movie brings self-respect and you learn just how important you are as well as everyone around you.

In conclusion, slow everything down for just a minute and take a step back. Allow yourself to be present, make educated guesses on your emotions, and learn to use the mirror for inspiration rather than those around you. When you can do this, you start to unlock your real potential.