How to Sell High Ticket Coaching Programs

High Ticket Group Coaching Mindset Video Transcript

Hey there, it’s Dallas Here
Today I want to talk to you about mindset.
For me one of the biggest challenges in moving from working one-to-one to offering a group coaching program is the mindset.
You see these online coaches or people who are well known — celebrity coaches, let’s call them — people who offer services one to many. And it seems like “Well other people (can) do that but I can’t”.
So for me there was a big mindset gap between where I was and the plausibility of being able to do that (offer a High Ticket Group Coaching Program). And I’d sort of put it down to “Well I can’t do that” or “That must be really hard, I’d need some extra things to do that”, but the biggest block was actually the mindset — the belief that I couldn’t get there.
High Ticket Group Coaching Program Mindset
So there are two ways to approach this (overcoming a limiting mindset). One is to affirm that you’ve already got something even though you don’t already have it. That’s sort of like saying “Hey, I”m rich” even though you you’re not. (This is affirmation — saying I already have what I want).
And that can work — that kind of mindset driven stuff can work (to shift your mindset). But what tends to happen is that you believe it for a little while and then you rebel against it, and you sabotage it. So that mindset but in practice, your sanity kicks in and says “no you really aren’t rich” or “You really can’t fly”, “Don’t try”, “Do something that makes you feel comfortable or proves to you that were joking or that you weren’t serious — so we tend to sabotage ourselves when we approach it in that way.
The other way to do it (shift your mindset) is to imagine and feel that you already have everything you want and need, and to take the steps as if you are already there. (This is acting as if you already have what you want). So that might be that you schedule time in your diary to run your program, to do all the steps as if you are already there (have already achieved the result you want), and this is sort of going through the motions and executing the behaviours which helps to reinforce the mindset stuff.
But there’s a third way that I want to introduce, and that is that our brains are prepared to believe that we are going to go somewhere even if we aren’t there now. So say for example you want to take a trip to China, and you are in no way in China now but if you started doing some things like getting a passport, planning a route, buying a ticket and learning Chinese — all these things that are clearly necessary to get you to China, your brain, your identity, your self-conception has an easier time believing that you are going to China. (This is future framing — acting now as if you are inevitably going to get what you want — this is how we act when we truly believe we will do something in the future, and the most effective way to work with your mindset without risking it backfiring into self sabotage).
If you take those steps, your brain has a much easier time believing that you are going to China and you tend not to self-sabotage. If you fail to take those steps, then going to China will seem extremely stressful or unbelievable and you’ll probably think “Look, it’s too hard, I might cancel that ticket”, or if you haven’t already bought the ticket it suddenly gets too hard and you don’t end up in China.

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