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Let me announce that we will lend 50,000 MCH Coin to Japan Crypto Asset Market inc.

Amount:50,000 MCH Coin
Term:Half year (It may be extended)

We will lend it from the “Marketing” pool, so that has absolutely nothing to do with the user community like the mint speed and mint amount.

Also, they can’t use these MCH Coins for governance. So, that has also absolutely nothing to do with governance.

■ Japan Crypto Asset
Japan Crypto Asset Market, Inc. was founded in November 2019 and started its business with the mission of “solving all chicken and egg problems”.
The company obtained an antique dealer’s license in February 2020 and an antique marketplace owner’s license in March of the same year to buy and sell branded goods and other antiques, and with the issuance of ICHIBA, the company aims to revitalize blockchain-based payment methods and trade of goods in Japan. …

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表題の通り、日本暗号資産市場株式会社へのMCH Coin貸付をいたしますことをお知らせいたします。

貸付枚数:50,000 MCH Coin

なお、本MCH Coinは「マーケティング」分のプールから貸付を行いますので、ユーザーの皆様に付与されるプールからの使用はございません。従って、付与量/付与ペース等に影響はございませんのでご安心ください。

また、本貸付分の50,000 MCH Coinによる投票参加は不可とする形で契約をしておりますため、ガバナンスへの影響も一切ございません。

■ 日本暗号資産市場株式会社のご紹介


◾️ 会社概要

・会社名 :日本暗号資産市場株式会社
・代表者 :代表取締役 岡部 典孝
・所在地 :東京都港区芝公園4–8–12 猫来坊
・設立 :2019年11月
・事業内容 :古物営業法に基づく古物商および古物市場の運営
・URL :


My Crypto Heroes

website :
discord :
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_

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We’re excited to announce the Official Art Cup!


We are looking for the extension’s art for the next Land Node updated on Jan 14th.!

Try to put your art as the official extension!

Dec 28th:Deadline
In Dec:Minimum review by us
Early Feb:Lands choose which extension they want.
Feb 14th:Give the Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic №1 extension to the designer as the reward.


Please give me your dot design, 1 series 5 rarities, as the extension!

You’re welcome to apply for multiple series by yourself!

*At this point, your entry will be reviewed by us to a certain extent. Entries that violate public order and morals, violate copyrights, or are very similar to existing series or other entries will be rejected. We do not intend to set up a strict screening process for quality and other factors. …

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Let me announce the change of the hero sale from Nov 17th.

We will extend the hero sale period from Nov 17th to Dec 15th, 4 weeks.

※GUM UP campaign will end on Dec 1st.

All hero sales will be extended as above, but we will announce it later.

Producer Letter

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Hi, everyone. I’m Game-Senmu, producer of MCH.

We decided to extend the hero sale period.

Here’s the reason.

The main purpose of “Inventory-linked Dutch auction” is creating a market where users think it’s appropriate. …

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Let me introduce how you can governance with your MCH Coin.

You can vote with your ETH address. So you don’t need to log in MCH.


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Firstly, we propose to MCH users in December.

We’d like to make the world that the system and concept will be changed from the user come true.

From Nov 9th: Land can get 50% of trade fee as the Land Revenue
But we want users to get the proposal like “We should change the ratio to 45% or 55%”

We will prepare some proposals firstly until we finish implementing the proposal function from users. …

From Nov 9th, the ecosystem around Land will change.

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TOKU abolishment

As I told you in the roadmap, TOKU will be replaced to NIE reward.
You can use your TOKU tickets as usual. Please see the “Exchange” from the three lines on the above-right.

Land Reward will increase!

And the ratio of Land Revenue will increase by the update.

Basically, 50% of fee will insert to Land Revenue, and the rest will be burned. Then, burned GUM relates to the amount of Cryptonium.

Please see the table about how to insert to Land Revenue.

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The system of NIE Reward

As below, NIE factor will be added to Land Profit Distribution.

Each Land can set the NIE percentage. …

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In this article, we’ll give an overview of Cryptid Wars and how it relates to My Crypto Heroes as a whole!

For more information, please see in-game help.

What’s Cryptid Wars

The biggest GvG content.

Cryptid Wars is GvG (Group by Group) content. It differs from traditional MCH content because Cryptid Wars focuses on capturing “fort”.

At the beginning of a season, each Land will be given a starting place to advance from. Taking over a neighboring fort requires defeating the “Guardian Cryptid”.

*At start, all forts are occupied by the enemy. The enemy won’t attack your Land.

The more you advance towards the center, the higher rarity and stronger the fort is. …

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We decided to restart MCH Prime Free Trial from Oct 29th 6:00 am (UTC).

To implement, we will do the maintenance.

Oct 29th 5:00 am to 6:00 am (UTC)

We will finish the maintenance as soon as possible, and you can apply MCH Prime Free Trial after the end.

Please take a look at the below Medium for the detail.


To let newbies go deeper into by giving the opportunity to be a prime for free during a fixed period.

Eligible person

For who meets the following conditions.

・Entry Land battle
・Try quests more than 6 times
・Finish phone number authentication(detail is…

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2020年10月29日14:00 ~ 2020年10月29日15:00














2020年10月29日 15:00 ~ 2020年11月29日 15:00
※2020年11月29日 15:00 がMCHプライム無料トライアル申請の最終時刻となります。




また、MCH Coinリリースにあたって、











My Crypto Heroes

website :
discord :
twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes
twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_

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Let me introduce the New Normal Node ver1.9 from Nov 5th!

Update term

Nov 5th 7:00 am(UTC)

We will do the maintenence for the update:
Nov 5th 6:00 am to 7:00 am(UTC).

Node Information

  • New 3 extensions are coming!
  • Roman Abacus will be only for Prime.
  • You will see the status and skills in the MCH dictionally later.
  • The below amount for each extension rarity will be allocated the other events like Colosseum and Duel Cup rewards:

Legendary: 3 in 20 -> 10 in 20
Epic: 9 in 100 -> 50 in 100
Rare: 17 in 500 -> 250 in 500
Uncommon: 27 in 1200 -> 600 in 1200
Common: 59 in 2400 -> 1200 in…

Kengo Masuyama | DJT

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