3 min readJan 9, 2020

The economy is not Wall Street.
The economy is not statistics.
The economy is your quality of life once you’ve paid your bills.
The economy is how secure you are in the event of an emergency.

There are two popular characteristics used to summarize economic impact on citizens. Unemployment and Welfare.

When Trump touts unemployment numbers, his lackeys usually discuss the fact that inflation is not increasing. This is actually NOT good. In a tight labor market, employers should be increasing starting wages to attract new qualified employees. They should be offering retention bonuses.

When this happens, you should normally see inflation. We are not. This is a problem. It tells us workers are not benefiting fully.

There are currently numbers that say wages are going up, this is a cheat. It does not give credit where credit is due. We are not seeing market driven increases.
The cause?
Progressives legislators in over 2 dozen states have raised minimum wage laws. THIS is where wage increases are. When these workers spend more it benefits the economy. This is why I support a Federal Increase in Minimum Wage. $15 dollars is the short hand but I understand that there are areas where even this is not sufficient. For this reason future changes should be tied to the Consumer Price Index or Median Wage surveys.

Why aren’t wages going up overall?
We have to look back on history to understand the cause. The greatest sustained growth in the American middle class coincided with the heyday of organized labor. Unions gave workers the leverage they need to strengthen benefits, increase wages and protect jobs. The GOP’s concentrated assault on worker’s rights, over the last 50 years, has resulted in high insurance costs, continued outsourcing, disproportionate CEO pay, employment insecurity and stagnant wages. Collective Bargaining advances the American Dream.

It’s time for Federal Law to step in and protect worker’s rights.
I will work to protect the right to organize, protect pension plans, advance Family Care and Medical Leave, fight for Equal Pay, and extend sick pay. These measures provide security to all people.

I have mentioned supporting the Green New Deal because it includes a plan to build new manufacturing and related job opportunities. I want those jobs in Texas. I, specifically, want them in our district. With the resources we have, including Alliance Airport, TX-26 should be a hub for these jobs.
I was once told that our current rep was “the worst return on investment of any politician in North Texas in the last twenty years. He’s been there 16 years and what do we have to show for it?”
The answer is not much. I will work to bring jobs and contracts back to this district. I want your commute to be shorter, your paycheck to bebigger and your benefits to be secure. I will actually do the work to get that done.




My name is Mat Pruneda. I am a Progressive Democratic fighting to represent the people of Texas’ 26th District.