Gun Reform

2 min readJan 9, 2020

Congress has already taken some actions. The Republican Senate has deprioritized human lives in favor of lobby money to the detriment of our most vulnerable. As always, responsible gun owners favor expanded background checks, including the closing of the boyfriend loophole, to restrict domestic abusers from accessing firearms. I support the implementation of red flag laws, with necessary due process, to protect our families from mass violence.

This is a complex issue. I have had robust conversations with a wide cross-section of the population on how we move forward. It’s important to listen to all voices. In fact, it was an avid and passionate gun owner who suggested the best remedy for gun show loopholes would be to allow only licensed gun dealers to sell firearms. This remedy included accommodating individual sellers by creating a consignment market. This is a great idea and it works with our goals to simplify, expedite, and coordinate background checks with the NIC.
We have reached a point in our society where common sense discussion of gun reform is imperative to the protection of our children and families.
It should be noted in 1966, a single gunman at the University of Texas, from a secure and high position, opened fire for 96 minutes. Charles Whitman killed 18 people and wounded 31.
By comparison, in Las Vegas in 2017, Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured 850 in a matter of 13 minutes.
It’s well past time to seriously address the inherent danger of high capacity magazines, and gun related mass murder, in a manner that values life.

(In March of 2018, I spoke at the March for Our Lives Event in Denton, TX)




My name is Mat Pruneda. I am a Progressive Democratic fighting to represent the people of Texas’ 26th District.