2 min readJan 12, 2020

Human Rights exist beyond arbitrary measures of who can afford what and who is “deserving.” Healthcare is a Human Right. It is the connective tissue that makes the pursuit of our constitutional rights possible.
This is why I support Medicare for All and believe our legislation should work toward providing this right to everyone.
The first step to M4A starts with protecting preexisting conditions. This requires reinstating the individual mandate of the ACA, as well as its hardship exceptions.
We must codify a broad and universal standard of care that includes bodily autonomy and eliminates discrimination related to gender, race, means, etc.

Opponents of M4A cite a ten year estimated cost of $35T. This ignores the fact that we currently pay $3.7T per year for healthcare. Even without cutting costs, at worst, M4A breaks even.
How do we pay for this? In the long run, very much as we are paying now. If you currently have health insurance, you will notice a line item specifically referencing your health insurance allocations. This would remain the same.

I like to break things down for people.
What is your insurance premium? It is essentially a tax.
What is an insurance company? It is, for simplicity’s sake, a private corporate taxing entity.
This private corporate taxing entity has raised your taxes approximately 250% in the last 15 years. Think about that.
When you pay taxes to your government, you get roads, schools, first responders, military protection… the list goes on. You get benefits and services.
The difference is this: After you’ve paid 10% of your income to this private corporate taxing entity, when you try to redeem your benefits, in a manner commensurate with your investment in “taxes,” what do they do? They raise that “tax” or they find a way to drop you.
This is wrong. Revolutions have been fought for less. Our forefathers dumped tea into the harbor over things like this.
What’s worse, this private corporate taxing entity is not providing health insurance as a service or social obligation. They are taking your money for profit.
Nationalized health care is the only model that makes sense. It removes profit motive and provides services to citizens that it has a responsibility for. Medicare for All must happen. Let’s make this change together.




My name is Mat Pruneda. I am a Progressive Democratic fighting to represent the people of Texas’ 26th District.