Human Rights

Under the Trump administration:
Federal Contractors can now use a religious belief exemption to discriminate based on gender identity and sexual orientation.
The Department of Education rescinded Title IX anti-discrimination guidance that protected transgender students.
The Department of Health and Human Services has issued across the board rules, allowing grantees to limit services due to religious beliefs.

The area I live in, despite being inclusive on the whole, has seen extreme instances of anti-LGBTQ+ bias in recent years.
The sheriff of Denton county advocated severely beating transgender women in bathrooms.
In our recent memory, the Gay Panic Defense, which on its face argues that a person’s identity is grounds for murder, was employed in Denton to sway bigoted jurors to excuse a vicious killing.
I recently spoke on behalf supporting a local equality ordinance. I support its passage and the passage of an overarching federal Equality Act.
I support the passage of the Gay and Trans Panic Defense Prohibition Act, which will end discrimination against the victims due to their humanity and end the pass that anti-LGBTQIA assailants get for their violent prejudices.
I will in all my capacity, as a representative and as a citizen, defend a persons right to live their truth.

Bail Reform
The Fourteenth and Eighth Amendments establish the rights to due process and the protection from cruel and unusual punishment. Our current bail system compromises these protections for profit. It is therefore inherently unconstitutional and must be reformed.

The Eighth Amendment prohibition of excessive bail is meant to ensure equitable protection, regardless of financial means for those accused. Bail that is disproportionate to income unjustly punishes those who are unable to buy their way out of pretrial detention. This practice represents a de facto conviction without a trail and subverts the foundational presumption of innocence until proven guilty. It creates a second, lower class of legal protection for Americans. This lower class of protection exposes the accused poor to greater risk of job loss, housing displacement, and family hardship.

I will work to create a system that ends cash bail for non-violent offenses, incorporates a means-tested fine system for minor offenses such as traffic violations, and works to ensure that the ability to earn is not adversely affected for misdemeanors.

Voter Rights
We must actively defend the right to vote and make voting more accessible. This country was founded on a central tenet of ensuring representation. Efforts to disenfranchise and discriminate are fundamentally unAmerican. That these efforts are heavily dependent on the use of racial demographics to discriminate amplifies the disgrace. This is not a partisan issue, this is a constitutional issue that our patriots have fought and died for.
I will fight to end voter ID laws.
I support the expansion of early voting.
I support the passage of an Automatic Voter Registration Act.
I support the restoration of the Votings Rights Act, including the update of coverage formulas that would protect the act from the constitutionality technicalities applied in Shelby v Holder.
I will actively support legislation that would criminalize voter suppression as an extension of the Voting Rights Act.

Wealth Gap
According to the Federal Reserve Board, Black Americans own approximately one-tenth of the wealth of white Americans. The wealth gap between White and Black Americans is widening. Stagnant wages, underfunded public education, increased higher education costs, and inadequate transportation exacerbate the systemic issues that have caused inequity for over 150 years. Our success, as a society, depends on ensuring all people have the opportunity to thrive share their perspectives.
I will support programs that provide expanded access to affordable and free education.
I will support funding for the State Small Business Credit Initiative to help provide capital for entrepreneurship and for Community Development Financial Institutions that service overlooked areas.
I will fight to restore the protections of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
I will work to expand collective bargaining.

Marijuana Legalization
The disproportionate prosecution of minorities for minor offenses related to marijuana possession is a serious concern and is a primary reason for my demand for full legalization. Black Americans are almost 4 times as likely to be targeted for prosecution. That number may be higher. We don’t know.
Why not?
Latinx Americans.
The FBI does not track arrests and convictions by “ethnicity” (Latinx is categorized racially as “white). Anecdotally, the number is high but crime statistics are lacking.
I support full legalization of marijuana and the passage of Clean Slate Laws that would not only free those convicted of covered marijuana offense but seal conviction records for possession. This action would help those targeted populations move on with their lives more easily.



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My name is Mat Pruneda. I am a Progressive Democratic fighting to represent the people of Texas’ 26th District.