When I first got into politics, there were a few topics I was adamant about representing assertively, one of them was a woman’s right to choose.
Specifically, using the word “Abortion.”
It was strangely controversial. Other Dems got angry and said, by association, I would hurt their fundraising. Party leadership didn’t want to talk about it in Denton County. If this was a test, I either passed or failed depending on who you talk to, but the fact then is the same as it is now.
A woman must have the right to autonomy over her own body. There is NO limitation. Do I support the right of a woman to have an abortion? Absolutely and unconditionally.
Abortion is healthcare.
I support the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which denies Medicaid funding for abortion services, even when a patient’s health is at risk. Denial of Medicaid funding disproportionately affects the poor, the young, and minorities statistically.

Planned Parenthood is the primary source of health service for almost 2.5 million women. They provide breast exams, pap tests, basic health education, and pregnancy care, as well as a host of other diagnostic and reproductive services. The attacks on Planned Parenthood and Title X service providers by Republicans in recent years have placed millions of women at risk. I support full funding of Planned Parenthood and any care provider regardless of abortion services. This is a matter of public safety.

Medicare for All
One of the most critical elements involved in implementing Medicare for All will be the codification of universal standards for care. A federal standard would protect women nationally and provide the same basic reproductive care for all, regardless of home state. This would ensure a right to choose. I will advocate to ensure all women’s care is protected in the establishment of M4A.

Constitutional Amendment for Privacy
Our personal information and data are open to compromise from a great number of sources. Internet Security, Healthcare, and future Employment Opportunities are increasingly dependent on our “implied” right to privacy. Roe v Wade’s precedent is founded on a privacy right cobbled together by the 14th Amendment (Due Process) and elements of the 9th (Enumerations), 5th (protection from self-incrimination) and 4th (unreasonable search and seizure). If privacy is inferred and a court of “originalists” are not beholden to precedent, a woman’s right to choose is tenuous. I support the codification of a long-overdue “Right to Privacy” be put forth as a Constitutional Amendment. It is time.

Address Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates
The United States has the highest Maternal Mortality rates per 100K births in the developed world. Higher than the UK, Germany, and France combined in 2015. Texas’ numbers range from 56–147, the discrepancy is based on inconsistent data methodology, and that is a problem. The US has not produced a comprehensive national mortality study for new moms in almost 13 years. I support legislation that, in the midst of a healthcare crisis, ensures that we are accurately tracking data for our mothers and children.

Universal Child Care and Parental Leave
It is an understood mark of discrimination that women in the workplace bear significantly higher burdens than men when considering family obligations. Universal Child Care, and Parental Leave, level the playing field and ensure that our families don’t suffer additional hardships while growing our society. When the GOP passed their corporate welfare tax law in 2017, they significantly reduced corporate tax rates and secured no benefits for families. If we are going to provide tax breaks, the recipients of those breaks must contribute to our society tangibly. We must demand these benefits for all. Corporations should subsidize these programs, which in turn aid retaining quality employees.

Reinstate the Harriet Tubman $20 Bill
Our currency is rooted in a past that gloried the privileged few while relegating women and minorities to subservient positions. The contributions of our diverse forbears must be acknowledged and respected in our currency, which, after all, places an implied value on the accomplishment of our historical figures.

Finally, as a citizen, I support the passage of law repealing implied Pink Taxes, which levy sales taxes on products necessary to women’s health.
I will always advocate against TRAP Laws that insidiously infringe on rights by using the premise of “religious freedom” to excuse discrimination and other methods like excessive documentation for health service providers to discourage the provision of life-impacting care.
I make the distinction of supporting these measures “as a citizen” as these measures are generally enacted at the state level, taking advantage of the constitutionally mandated states’ rights. I support the election of progressive candidates to ensure these rights are fully protected.

My name is Mat Pruneda. I am a Progressive Democratic fighting to represent the people of Texas’ 26th District.

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