Do I follow the rules?

I could go on about the rules in society, some which I follow, others that I don’t follow. That is a long boring post where I pretend, at 28, that I am smarter than the people who made the rules we live by now. I have written and re-written that post and it is not worth reading.

Instead, I have outlined my own rules. Three rules that I follow, because they make me a better person. You may have your own that you follow, have a think about them, write them down and share them in the comments please.

Do I follow the rules?

These are my three rules, and their origins.

  1. Learn

One of my earliest memories was the inability to spell my name at what feels like the first day of school. I recall most kids knew how to spell their names, I also recall that most of those lucky bastards had short names. That could be the reason for my chosen nickname “Mat”.

My full name is ten letters long. A momentous thing to spell when you’ve only started learning to count to 10. At 5 years old, I had more letters than my age.

I felt embarrassed, feeling like I didn’t have a skill which many possessed. I went straight to my mother that evening and asked her to teach me how to spell my name. My mom wrote it down for me, taught me how to do it myself, and from then on I adopted a culture of learning. It has never let me down since.

2. Exercise

As I sit on the day of writing I have 8% bodyfat, plus minus. I am 1.68 meters (my ego is 1.7 meters). I have long limbs in proportion to my torso and a large head which took decades to grow into.

Growing up I was the weakling in the herd of school children. The ideal mark for hungry bullies. Somehow I evaded bullying, I chalk it down to the ability to make people laugh.

What I also evaded was female attention. The bigger guys got the girls (as the story goes). The skinny guys who carried bags far bigger than them and their ego combined had to watch from the fringes.

This inspired me to start exercising from a young age by doing push ups and sit ups in my bedroom. I didn’t grow much until the age of 16.

At that age I joined the rowing team in the gym, no actual rowing only rowing exercise. Rowers taught me how to exercise until sweat poured from my eyes.

Today that 8% bodyfat has resulted in a ripped, athletic looking, and still skinny, man. My training has evolved from aesthetics to striving for the ultimate athletic body. My present day goal is to out-run, out-muscle and out-skill my oponents on the football/soccer field. More so it’s to be better on the field than I was the week before. It’s working. (And the ladies love it)

3. Don’t be an unnecessary burden

This took a while of self-discovery to figure out. I have a weakness. It’s taking on things myself and refusing to ask others for help.

I also have a strength. It’s not depending on others for something I can do myself.

It started early on, growing up as the last born child of a single mother.

A single woman has society’s burdens to deal with. A single mother has to society’s burdens and her daily volunteer work as a mother to deal with. She has to develop super powers for this:

  1. Super-hearing which alerts her to the cough of her son at 2am at night.
  2. Super-healing to whip up a traditional remedy a minute after waking up.
  3. Super-resilience to wake up again 2 hours later to bath, wake her children up, get them ready for school and make them a packed lunch. A packed lunch that remains the envy of dual-parent children buying lunch at the tuck-shop.

At my young age I summised she was dealing with enough and if I could do something myself, or figure out a way, I would. That has made me the problem-solver I am today.

These are 3 of my rules and I follow them daily.

What are yours?

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