The Fertility Day Fiasco
Giulia Blasi

I cannot honestly believe I had to witness something like this in 2016 — coming from the government of an allegedly 1st world country (oh, and then Prime Minister Renzi told Il Sole 24 Ore today that he didn’t know a thing about this initiative, I think there’s nothing else that needs to be said here). I’ve rarely been more outraged in my life, the simple suggestion that my choice whether or not to become a mother is a “common good” is beyond disgusting.
Rather than trying and guilt-tripping people into making the socially acceptable choic, heow about we begin by educating young adults, providing the correct knowledge about safe sex, given that even common STDs such as chlamydia can cause fertility issues if left untreated?
Had the campaign gone this direction, it would have probably been a nice initiative, but seriously. Maybe the intentions were ok, but the whole thing was definitely handled in the worst possible way.

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