Chat Ashtray and Coffee Mug

Coffee shops gathering place for young people, businessmen, artis, lazy, carefree and detached, leaving an ashtray and cup on the table and most deserted corner. Angles are ordered by those who prefer to go to the coffee shop for solitude, alone, without a good conversation with the person at the next desk or with others via the smartphone.

At the end of the night, in the corner of the ashtray and cup are still discussing their problems.

“People are sitting in this room why more meditative, yes if compared with those noisy in the corner over there?” Asked an ashtray to cup her eyes began glazed.

“Perhaps the answer is the same as the question yesterday.” The cup answered but do not stare.

“What’s your question yesterday?” Ashtray remember though often not be remembered.

“I’m asking you, why are people sitting there more room looks cheerful, lively, seemed happy while people in our place as seen moping?” Mug repeated his question yesterday.

“The question we’re different! Besides the crowds you see in the corner over there do not necessarily represent happiness. Perhaps the crowd that they do every day is the way they are worn to cover the pain that nevertheless did not find the final. “

“Those you see here is not necessarily contemplate also contemplating something. May actually thought was a dead end. “The cup added.

“Dead-end and to mind here, it means they’re pondering or thinking, or at least, until his mind was pondering why the deadlock.”

“Then what’s the difference of our questions?” Cups think.

“I saw them in the far corner crowded and quiet here, brooding. while you see them there happy and sad here. clearly different from the way we look. “Ash explained.

I saw with feeling . You just see it, without feeling. “The cup reasoned.

“That feeling often obscures vision. Please you ask the cigarette butts, they are more trusting than the feeling of sight. Finally? You see, the “Ashtray keep the argument.

“Yes, maybe that’s where we differ. I every time used to accommodate a variety of flavors that customers enjoy this coffee shop. Alternated people, different excitement and lament. It is shaping the way I see things. “Terang cups half asleep.

“Perhaps, maybe my feelings are immune or even death. I always be a place to throw the rubbish that was never profitable tobacco farmers, into the tomb of the dead butts with a miserable end, there are oppressed , are left completely burned by futility. Probably. “Ash mused.

“Yes, probably.” a Mug agreed.

“You forgot one thing …”

Ashtray and cup surprised upturned upwards, to the sound source is interrupted them. A lamp is always dimmed since installed.

“Here too there is fall in love .”

Bogor, ahead of morning pain

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