The Cookie Store API is a new browser API built to expose cookies to service worker and offer an asynchronous alternative to document.cookie. It’s available in Chrome Browser starting from version 87.

Are you sick and tired of weird ways to get cookies fromdocument.cookie ? Hate it that you don’t know whether the cookie you set was actually saved or not? Introducing: Cookie Store API, available on Chrome version 87!

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We all use HTTP Cookies almost daily, but working with them was never an easy task.
The cookies interface is overly complexed and contains performance issues. Saving all of the cookies in document.cookie

Scheduling is a mechanism introduced lately by the React team to manage and prioritise tasks in the browser. It has become a case study for Google Chrome Dev team, to create a “Main Thread Scheduling” API.
This is groundbreaking work done by both of the teams. In this article I’ll talk about the APIs, how to use them, and how they will make a difference for our users!

If you were a part of the Frontend community for the past year and a half, the term “Concurrent” appears in almost every second tweet.
It all started with Dan Abramov’s talk Beyond React 16 at JSConf Iceland 2018. Dan showed how the React team built a generic way to ensure that high-priority updates don’t get blocked by a low-priority update. …

Browsing multiple projects, I encountered a recurring pattern when trying to write a custom render for components that use Providers (React-Redux’s Provider, React-Intl’s IntlProvider for example).
This pattern usually looks like this:

renderWithRedux example, it’s a bad practice
renderWithRedux example, it’s a bad practice

This function is nice. It creates a utility that lets us call it whenever we want to test a connected component. The only problem is, it’s limited and causes an inconsistent behavior.
Usually, our app will work with several Providers, not only one, and this solution becomes squeaky when we try to add more Providers to it. …


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