Blockchain Zero

Matan Field
Jan 27 · 2 min read

When I discovered the blockchain six years ago, I was completely hooked. The excitement from this technology and what it can do for society was so big, that I quickly became an advocate: blockchain this, blockchain that, everything needs to be on the blockchain. Six years after, I still think that in the not-too-far future (say, five years from now) everything we can imagine will be related to the blockchain, kind of as the internet is today.

Man reach space!

However, our attitude on this regard must change. Rather than trying to emphasize that a product is “on the blockchain”, our goal should be to make end-point users totally not be aware that they’re using the blockchain. We need to design applications (perhaps stop calling them Dapps!) which use the power of the blockchain in such a smooth way that it is seamless. Only then, blockchain will reach the mainstream.

Nobody brags about their application using the internet, or being on the mobile. And no “internet companies” flagging their technology on their pitch decks to investors. We need to get de-addicted from our excitement of the blockchain to the level we want to show it off. We need to do the opposite and hide it down. We need to be just a little less nerdy. And we need to connect to the mainstream audience. (And no, DeFi is mind blowing but it’s not for mainstream audience yet!)

Space-shuttle main engine

For that, I’d like to coin the term Blockchain Zero: making zero blockchain footprint in your application. Focus on what the blockchain can do, rather than how it does so. Who cares about how the internet works?! (TBH, I do. But then again, who cares about what I care?!)

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