5 simple ways to improve your gut health

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Do you know why gut health is so important?

Our gut is the biggest home for the bacterias that are inside of our body. Roughly about 3–4 pounds of bacteria are living in our gut. These bacterias are so important as they are in charge of our overall health and immune system and also of our mental wellness.

Once these bacterias aren’t doing well a breach can be made between our gut and our bloodstream. and inflammation occurs.

when that happens toxins from the food we eat go into our bloodstream and can cause further medical conditions.

Hence the saying most diseases begin in the gut!

So to make it simple and keep healthy we need to take good care of these bacterias. There are a few ways to do so! one way it is by feeding them well here are a few ways to do so!

  1. Eat Prebiotics and Probiotic foods! prebiotics are a type of dietary fiber that feeds our good gut bacteria. they are a great foundation for the probiotics. Prebiotics exists in the best form in vegetables such as garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, onion, asparagus, banana, apple, and more.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that are beneficial bacterias. They are a great way to support gut bacteria. the beauty of probiotic foods is that they can be made simply at home or bought in health food stores. some types of fermented foods are fermented cabbage, kombucha, coconut yogurt, kefir, etc.

2. Change your pharmaceutical medications with medicinal plants.

Most pharmaceutical medications, especially antibiotics, harm our gut bacteria. In the case of antibiotics, while meant to kill bad bacteria, it also kills the good bacteria our gut. Studies show that one time of taking a round of antibiotics can kill up to 80% of your entire gut bacteria. Rebuilding these gut bacteria can take up to 2 years and at times it never gets back to its normal condition. think twice before you take antibiotics and check alternative and natural options.

3. Avoiding processed food and processed sugar. research shows the processed unnatural foods and sugars have a bad effect on our gut bacteria and therefore on our overall health. not only that these foods are hurting the good bacteria they are also the favorite food of the bad bacteria.

4. Take a break from food. living in a modern western society we got used to eating at all times of the day. never letting our body and especially our gut to rest. taking a break from eating aka fasting allows out stomach to rest and improve. while fasting a process called autophagy occurs. which is basically the reproduction off cells. letting go of the old and in with the new. narrowing your window of eating or taking a break once in a while does great to your gut and overall health!

5. Try to eat organic! Organic crops contain fewer pesticides and herbicides which are considered carcinogenic and harm the gut microbiome. Organic animal products contain less to no antibiotics. And most important. organic food grows on organic soil which contains more natural bacterias that support our health.

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