Don’t tap out your health

Matan Hakimi
Oct 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Talking about our tap water

Did you know that our tap water contains a little more than just water?

Our tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

It only makes sense, as until less to 100 years ago one of the leading causes of death were due to waterborne diseases due to the contamination of our water.

These same chemicals end up in our body and harming our own bacteria.

In addition to chemicals that are meant to kill bacteria, tap water may contain other undesirable contaminants like toxic metals, hormones (Estrogen appears in the drinking water in the form of estradiol), pesticides, chloride (considered a carcinogen), fluoride, lead, and copper can also find their way into our water via corroded pipes and a few other elements nobody should be voluntarily ingesting, such as aluminum, disinfecting agents, improperly disposed of prescription OTC drugs, and industrial chemicals. exposure to biotoxins in water-damaged buildings promote oxidative stress by depleting antioxidant reserves. They can also alter our good gut bacteria.

After many experimentations and going over reseasrch I came to the conclusion that despite everything that has been said above — bottled water, for instance, is not the answer. for many reasons — among them are the excessive use of plastic that is terrible for our environment, the BPA found in plastic (a synthetic compounds the goes into our water and is harmful for our health), and the damage taking natural running water from our planet and into bottles.

Water filters, particularly high-end ones, can remove most of the problematic ingredients from our tap water.

Just one slightly off-topic thing to keep in mind. Most of us are dehydrated. And even considered to be chronically dehydrated. When this happens, we get used to the lack of water, so it can be difficult to tell when our bodies need to drink more.

So drink more water. all day long.

Matan Hakimi

Filmmaker and writer from New York

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