The incredible benefits of fasting!

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Did you ever think about how us humans didn’t always have food accessible to us 24/7?

There were times when we each had to hunt, harvest and grow our own food. Which had people spend long hours and at times days without food.

Ever since I remember myself, including times I was battling with digestive problems I would constantly eat, from early morning to late night. I was convinced, that as long as what I was eating was healthy I could continue doing so.

Later on, I learned that constantly eating doesn’t allow the digestive system to rest. and that fasting aka taking a break from food has many benefits to our health.

Once I started eating less and taking measured breaks from eating I quickly started to feel that my overall health is improving.

When we fast our body is given the opportunity to repair and rebuild itself. When we don’t give our body a break and we keep it in a state of constantly digesting it never has a chance to rest.

A break from food can be a few hours (where you don’t snack or eat anything but water) to the time you sleep at night and longer.

Our body knows how to heal itself. All we have to do is allow for it. Our immune system, our inner orgens is constantly working to keep our body-safe. When we fast we allow our immune system to rest, get stronger and detoxify.

Some fasting benefits;

Reduce inflammation — Studies have found that fasting helps decrease levels of inflammation.

Cell recycling — When we fast our cells recycle 300 times faster. Central to the benefits of fasting is a process called “Autophagy.” Autophagy is the body’s natural process of killing off, eating up, or cleaning out bad cell matter that’s built up in your body. It’s an important system for staving off many diseases.

Stress — Some other relevant benefits of fasting are the increase of the body’s resistance to stress and improving the immune system. Fasting causes our cells to start functioning by getting energy from other sources than it would while consuming food.

Brain health — Studies show that fasting could improve brain function, increase nerve cell synthesis and protect against neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

Detoxify — When we fast our liver has the option to do what it does best and clean the body. fasting is the best and most optimal form of detoxifying.

Longevity — fasting has shown to delay aging and increase longevity.

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A types of fasting

*fasting should be done with fresh clean water

Intermittent fasting. This is normally practiced on a daily basis. Also known as TRE — Time Restricted Eating or the 8/16 fast. Narrowing down your window of eating for 8 hours a day. Fasting for the remaining 16.

24-hour fasting — every other day/every week/every month. All are valuable and beneficial for sustained healing and maintenance. Commonly practiced by people all over the world.

Prolong fasting — This type of fast can last up to several weeks and has proven to cure many diseases. This type of fasting is highly recommended to be performed under the supervision of a professional.

*if you want to learn more I recommend watching the film “Fasting Movie” and “Science of Fasting” so you could hear and see with your own eyes the transformation people go through from a state of sickness to a state of health through the use of fasting.

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Filmmaker and writer from New York

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