YouTube Redesign

What I like the most about redesigning popular websites is clearing all the clutter.

It always seems to me that the most popular websites are the most cluttered. Take a look at Facebook, YouTube, Linkedinforgodsakes etc… They feature huge amounts of information — without even trying to keep you in focus on what actually matters to you.

In this YouTube redesign I tried to achieve 3 main goals:

  1. Design something that’ll perfectly fit my needs as a user.
  2. Keep the user in focus on the important things (or in other words: not distracting the user).
  3. Make a realistic redesign that would actually be great for users.

The Main Page:

The main screen combines two pages I constantly switch between: the “Home” page and the “Subscriptions” page. When I put them side by side, it suddenly looked obvious that they are supposed to be together. It’s like they were meant for each other.

The Sidebar:

There are many times when you want to quickly jump back to a video you watched recently. Wouldn’t you love a quick access to that video?

Video Page:

A more focused video page

This is where it got really interesting. I always found it hard to focus on a YouTube video: I would always keep it in expanded view, and most of the times immediately move to full screen mode, only because I find it hard to focus on the video I’m trying to watch.

So I cleared all the clutter and distractions, put the video in the middle and darkened the rest of the screen in attempt to get the focus I always have in full screen mode.

In the details section I’ve tried to keep things as clean and readable as possible:

The details section in the video page

As you can see, the same grid I used on the main page maintains order throughout the website, along with a fair amount of white space to give the eye a chance to understand what is going on.

But you must be thinking: how do I get to the details section? Well…

Amazing what a quick scroll can do these days

The best thing about it is that you don’t loose the video player — you can still watch the video while reading details and comments.

Final thoughts

Well, it was a fun experience. Redesigning has always been one of my passions as a designer — especially when it’s a product that I use everyday, because then I collect ideas all the time until it’s clear to me how I wish it would look like.

I hope you enjoyed this redesign. Feel free to follow me and come back for more goodies. And don’t forget to share :)

You can also see this on dribbble:

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