Short film — Architectural spaces,

In my short one-minute film, I tried to capture the city and how I see it by reproducing Noe Gaspers film “Enter the Void”, and creating a film that mimics the idea of different architectural spaces are used for different reasons. The chosen technique I have selected is POV — Point of view. I have attempted to record moments in time in order to capture certain architectural spaces that frame the environment and also the behaviour of the particular space that’s being occupied.

(figure A)

Just like Gasper, I have tried to eliminate the vision of seeing the camera in order to create an illusion as though my eyes are doing the recording. In order to make it possible I chose to use a GoPro Camera. Due to its convenience and size, I was able to create an effect of POV and also fit it in places that an iphone or smartphone cannot fit. As shown in exhibit A, where only my hands, stomach and legs are shown, I have strategically placed the camera in my jacket while hooked on to a mount and faced down.

(Figure B )

As the time framing for this film was very limited, I have managed to add a background storyline to help add meaning. The video is showing how spaces such as roads, malls, bridges, etc are being used at specific times and for specific uses. For example in exhibit B, the road is architectural designed to only be used at specific times, for when people need to get from one road to the other.

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