Throughout my photographs and my research I have explored a series of contemporary buildings with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadow and light. I have attempted to photograph moments in time in order to capture certain scenes, frame the environment and also the behaviour of the building being framed. Just like Ezra stroller I have chosen a specific time of day, where the light hits a certain point of the building and creates a contrast between shadow and light. This was made to intensify the photographs in order to achieve a sense of exaggeration. Ezra stroller’s way of taking photography tries to make the architecture of the building or place and make it look even more appealing and beautiful. Also modern architectural elements such as glass, metal and space are portrayed in a way to potentially tell a story about the everyday lifestyle of a student and/or a city person. As well as the physical perspective, I have tried capturing the photos from the bottom showing an elevation of the façade to express the perspective of a person passing by. The use of the black and white and shadow and light in my photographs, is portrayed on modern architectural building to contrast between the changing nature of our environment.

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