Reflection time again. 2013

a personal retrospective

2013, a year that I would like to remember:
I have learned about Wabi-sabi, Kaizen and Japanese Aesthetics.
I have practiced mindfulness.
I have finally read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (American quest for Quality), Brave New World (surprisingly good and up-to-date), Sketching User Experiences (a must for anyone working with design) and Andrey Tarkovsky’s Sculpting in Time (life-changing good).
I have learned about leadership the hard and the easy ways, I have found out my MBTI type. I went to Thailand, got disappointed. Realized that a month of travel in an unknown country is still one of the best things that can happen to my brain. I have traveled to Bulgaria 3 times this year, and each time I fell more in love with that beautiful country and it’s people. One summer day, I have climbed a mountain up and then down and afterwards I went to see a Rammstein show. I went to the New York City.
I was amazed by the talent and passion of the people around me again and again. I saw people going from an amateur to a pro within few months. I saw people dare to do what they’ve never dared before.
I have collected all my favorite songs of this year into a playlist, removed half of them and was still left with almost a hundred great tracks. I listened to future beats and kept on buying classical music on vinyl. I have listened to Heroes and One in their original recording studio. I could hear the stairwell in Bowie’s voice. I have discovered chalga.
I have read a book about Pink Floyd. I met Peter Jenner and he told me that he liked my talk about SoundCloud. I was flabbergasted.
I played Sixto Rodriguez on repeat.
I have started taking notes. I’m wondering why it took me so long to realize I can’t possibly remember everything.
I wrote an article about computer tales and rain boots, got some unexpectedly great responses. I have read Mark Weiser, Licklider and listened to Bill Buxton and Alan Kay. I got inspired even more.
Together with my wife we have built a 3D printer and watched our older daughter fall asleep in front of it while it was printing a plastic duck.
My second daughter was born. She’s the cutest creature on the planet.
It was a good year.