Click Campaigns…And YOU!

Welcome to the MatcherinoBlog, this post is part of our “LevelUp Series”, where we help you get the most out of your events.

Today we’ll be discussing our brand new feature — Click Campaigns

Early 90’s car safety campaign commercial references…so hot right now

As many of you know, we have a coupon code system that allows people to donate free money to campaigns on the platform.With our latest update we've added another way for your community to help the prize pool for free, Click Campaigns!

What the heck is a “Click Campaign”?

With a Click Campaign, your community can add to the prize pool just by visiting a sponsors site through your tournament page.

Why did we add Click Campaigns?

We’re always looking for ways to help out tournament organizers grow their prize pool. By partnering with companies that share our vision of growing esports, we can give our TOs yet another tool to be successful.

Here is how it works

In your admin tab, click on the rewards button and on the far right you’ll see a “Click Sponsors” button.

Just like any of our rewards, just click “Attach” and it’ll add to your campaign.

The Click Sponsor will appear on the right side of your tournament page

Here you can see on the right the Click Campaign we added. When a person clicks on the link, they get redirected to a site and the prize pool grows! Right under the title of the campaign you can see how much money will be donated, on this example it will be ten cents. Only one click per user per campaign, but feel free to add as many Click Campaigns as you’d like!

A few notes to keep in mind

The companies involved with our Click Campaign system are straight up donating to your cause, which is amazing -make sure you show them some love. Here are a couple of ways you can make sure they know you enjoy and appreciate their sponsorship.

  • Have a dedicated tweet/Facebook post showing off who is sponsoring you, tag them, and thank them.
  • During downtime on your stream, have your casters tell your audience about not only the click campaign but also your coupon codes and your merch. Afterwards clip it and tag the companies in a post so they can see their sponsorship in action!
  • If a sponsor has a code for a discount on their site (I.E. “Use code Matcherino for 20% off”) make sure you use it and encourage others to do so, that way the companies know this system is viable for them.

Remember, these companies want to know who’s using their sponsorship so make sure you talk about it as much as you can.

Just don’t lean TOO hard into it…

By spreading excitement about Click Campaigns, you’ll help us get more companies involved. The more companies involved the more free money your community can donate to your pool, which helps your community grow. It’s all one beautiful cycle baby, keep it spinning!

Be aware that each company has a limit to how much they give, if a Click Campaign has run out of funds you’ll have to wait until more comes in before it can be actively used.

Pretty simple right? With Click Campaigns you have another way to boost your prize pool, that’s the power of Matcherino! We love helping out tournaments grow and we’re excited to bring you tools to make each event successful.

Tune in next time for a breakdown on how the Matcherino Tier System works. Big changes are happening here at Matcherino in 2018 so stay tuned.