Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 — Matchpool’s Official Q4 2019 Development Roadmap


The Matchpool team has been hard at work planning new technical developments, partnerships, and marketing strategies to bring the project to the next level. This release is intended to give our community insight into what we have planned for the Winter of 2019 onwards. …

Guppy Tokens have been officially added to the ExoPlanets platform, grab some and game on!

ExoPlanets-Guppy Token Integration

Matchpool’s signature ERC-20 token, the Guppy, has been officially integrated into ExoPlanets, the first EVER real-time 3D browser game in the crypto gaming industry. This is incredibly exciting news for both projects, and the crypto industry at large, and we’re happy to be partnering with such a promising project!


Check out what the Matchpool development team will be up to this fall!

Phase 1

Start date: 26/8/2019

Estimated end date: 9/9/2019

Bounty smart contract add get methods and audit

As part of our mission to enable more use of the blockchain and less use of a centralized DB, we want to add get methods to the bounties smart contract so that the Matchpool app will integrate with it more easily.

Once the get methods are…

Matchpool feature update — August 22nd, 2019

Release Notes

As part of our continuous effort to increase the use of the Ethereum blockchain within the Matchpool app, we happily present an entirely new approach to bounties, with the implementation of smart-contracts.

Using smart contracts enables us to provide users with a better, more robust and secure method of creating…

Ethereum-based smart contracts are now baked into the matchmaking ecosystem, giving users a more secure way to build connections.

Creating genuine connections has always been a difficult task, and the advent of the internet has only exacerbated the problem. Thankfully, Matchpool, has found a way to leverage along with Ethereum-based smart contracts strides to achieve its dream of becoming a game-changing matchmaking platform. …

Matchpool’s Official Summer 2019 Roadmap

Phase 1

Start date: 26/6

Estimated end date: 4/7

Feature addition — enable the use of the device camera when sending a message on a private chat.

Within the private chat, users will be able to share files and take photos using a mobile device and share them with their community.

Feature addition — Trust…

Matchpool Development Update – June 27th, 2019

Report – June 27th

This week, the development team implemented Ethereum-based smart contracts into Matchpool’s matchmaking ecosystem. By applying Ethereum smart contracts into the matchmaking process, user connectivity and peer engagement will be able to reach new heights via the Matchpool platform. This is because smart contract-based matchmaking dissuades spam and encourages genuine connections…

Matchpool Weekly Feature Update: May 31st, 2019

Report — May 31st

This week, the development team at Matchpool focused on implementing push notifications to the Android platform as well as enabling dissatisfied users to delete their accounts. Both feature additions will contribute to a rich and immersive matchmaking experience on Matchpool.

What’s New This Week?


A) Push notification — Users will receive a…


Our vision is to create and give everyone matchmaking tools that incentivise positive connections between people all over the world.

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