Feature Update: Smart Contract-based Bounties are here!

Matchpool feature update — August 22nd, 2019

Aug 23 · 2 min read

Release Notes

As part of our continuous effort to increase the use of the Ethereum blockchain within the Matchpool app, we happily present an entirely new approach to bounties, with the implementation of smart-contracts.

Using smart contracts enables us to provide users with a better, more robust and secure method of creating and hunting bounties.

Previously, the bounty feature supported free bounties due to the fact we were unable to enforce the payment via smart contract. Now, thanks to the power of Ethereum, the bounty requester will have to allow our new bounty smart contract to access the funds they are willing to pay to the bounty hunter. Once the funds are allowed, the bounty can be published on the Matchpool platform.

Bounty hunters rest assured, your payment is secured.

Another exciting feature that is enabled by the use of smart contracts is to save all bounties onto the Ethereum blockchain, thus allowing non-Matchpoolembers to view interesting bounties and join the Matchpool platform in an effort to fulfill them. This new exciting feature is aligned with our value of clarity and open information.

Currently, the smart contract is published to the Ropsten test net for everyone to review. Once we officially audit the smart contract, we will deploy it to the Ethereum main net and allow our members to interact with it on the Matchpool platform.

You can view the smart contract here: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x5f869ad9c378f60012d8faa3a89c7d26a9dd094b

Notification center

Our mission to provide our members with more control and privacy just took one more step with the brand new notification center.

Within the new notification center, users will be able to toggle specific notifications on and off. Are you a bounty hunter, do you want to be notified on new bounties but not on new members joining a pool? No problem, just go to the notification center under your profile and set the join pool notification to off and the new bounty notification to on.

The notification center is designed with a modern, modular look so we will be able to add more notification types easily to it so if you have a suggestion or are missing a notification type, let us know on support@matchpool.com and we’ll add it to our roadmap.

For more information about the Matchpool platform and the Guppy token, please visit www.matchpool.com.


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