Matchpool Fall 2019 Roadmap

Check out what the Matchpool development team will be up to this fall!

Aug 24 · 3 min read

Phase 1

Start date: 26/8/2019

Estimated end date: 9/9/2019

Bounty smart contract add get methods and audit

As part of our mission to enable more use of the blockchain and less use of a centralized DB, we want to add get methods to the bounties smart contract so that the Matchpool app will integrate with it more easily.

Once the get methods are done, we will audit the smart contract and deploy it to the Etherem mainnet.

Remove the web app and redirect users to the mobile app

Since we are focusing on mobile, we decided to remove the web app. This will allow us to spend more resources on our blockchain and mobile development.

Phase 2

Start date: 28/8/2019

Estimated end date: 16/9/2019

Connect the bounty smart contract to the mobile app

Once the bounty smart contract is completed with proper use of the blockchain to save all bounties and with the get methods to read the bounties straight from the smart contract, we will incorporate the decentralized bounties to the Matchpool mobile app. To do this, we will create a dapp that will allow our members to create, reply and participate in bounties using our Trustwallet integration directly from the app. If a user does not want to use Trustwallet, they can request a link to the dapp to their matchpool email and use any method they want to use it

Phase 3

Start time: 16/9/2019

Estimated end time: 7/10/2019

Refactor the app search to include bounties

Now that the bounties smart contract is deployed to the mainnet and the Matchpool app supports it fully, we will change the search algorithm to search not only pools but also bounties. The bounties entries will have a unique design to separate them from the pool results in the search.

Phase 4

Estimated start date: 7/10/2019

Estimated end date: 28/10/2019

Refactor the homepage to include bounties

We see bounties as a great way to benefit from your matches. On this stage, we will refactor the homepage of the Matchpool app to show the user suggested available bounties in addition to our suggested pools


Our fall roadmap will focus on improving the platform in several ways, including:

For more information about the Matchpool platform and the Guppy token, please visit


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Our vision is to create and give everyone matchmaking tools that incentivise positive connections between people all over the world.

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