Weekly Feature Update: Pin This, Post That!

Matchpool Development Update 26/11–2/12


This week, our development team focused heavily on the Android application, adding pinned messages and resolving several small-scale bugs to improve the user experience. The web platform was also improved, as new infrastructure was implemented to enable comments and replies to posts made within a pool’s public chat. Overall, the updates applied to the Android app, and the infrastructure applied to our web app, will greatly improve the user experience and give you a more enjoyable and connected matchmaking experience.

Android application


  1. Pinned messages have arrived on Android!

The ability to pin messages in public chat is a powerful tool. Users can pin messages to advertise to their pool without having to be concerned about their messages getting lost


  1. Several small-scale bugs were persistent within the Android apps private chat window. These bugs have been resolved and users can now experience a seamless fluid and responsive chatting experience.
  2. Users can now view wallet transactions within the Android app, enabling users to keep track of their Guppy expenditures.

Web platform


Our web application has received an infrastructure update which enables users the ability to reply and comment on posts made within public chat. This is particularly exciting because direct replies to other members can lead to more potential matches and lead to a more connected community.


Our Android app was the center of development attention this week, as the team implemented pinned messages, resolved bugs that persisted on private chat and allowed users to view wallet transactions within the app. The Matchpool web platform also seen some changes as new infrastructure was applied, enabling users to comment and reply to posts made within their pool’s public chat. The updates added this week will give users more tools and features to have a more satisfying matchmaking experience.

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Thanks for reading and match on!


The Matchpool team.