10/3/2019: MLBB Battlegrounds with Isabaecon

Filipino streamer Isabaecon was back last week to host a new round of Mobile Legends Battlegrounds! This time, she came bearing loot — top placers would get some slick Matchroom merchandise, Season 1 Champions T-shirts! We filled our 64-team bracket quickly, everyone clearly gunning for the chance for cash and prizes.

At the end it came down to a thrilling grand finals set between defending champion KOLM and Kura Musachi. Watch it unfold below!

It seems this isn’t the day the champion is toppled: KOLM seizes the day once again! Congratulations for a stunning show of skill.

Thanks to everyone for participating and showing their support. As always, please let us know if you have feedback about the event — we are committed to make these events run well.

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Originally published at news.matchroom.net on March 14, 2019.