Pumpkins, traditions, and personal autonomy 🎃🦇

It’s Halloween! OoOOoh!…

…okay, that’s about all the spooky I can muster 😬 It’s not really my scene 😓

But this year, I’ve surprised myself by getting a bit more in the spirit than usual. I’m renting a cute house in the suburbs, and I figured it’s time to get a bit spooky!

And even some inside the house! 😱


…okay, I know it’s not much. But I’ve always sorta disliked holiday decorations. They felt like a chore, and I didn’t really get the point— if you like things a certain way, then just keep them that way? 🤷 Once I started living on my own, and having more control of my space, I was relieved to not have to bother anymore 😓

But this year, I find myself excited to do a few Halloween things. To have small pumpkins, to welcome Trick-or-Treaters, to eat lil' candy corns! Holiday spirit is pretty new for me, and it’s pretty surprising and confusing 😬🦇

I think part of what I’m enjoying is ownership. I get to celebrate Halloween my way, including the things I like (cute pumpkins!), and skipping the things I don’t like (complex costumes). And it’s a chance for me to exercise my creativity and develop personal tastes, both of which are new for an anxious person like me!

But also, bigger-picture, I feel like I’m growing some roots. As I build my own holiday traditions, I’ll get to carry them forward, every year for the rest of my life. I’ve never really thought on that time scale before — the rest of my life! I wonder how my decisions now will change and grow over time 🤔

Anyway, thanks for listening! It’s been exciting, empowering, and comforting to lay new foundations. Even if they are just pumpkins 😅🎃

Thanks for reading, friends! I’m wondering: How did you start building lifelong foundations? What are some traditions and fixtures of your life that help you feel grounded? How did you get started?

Please share in the comments! I’m very new at this, and I’d love to learn from your successes ❤️