ROP 2022–2023 Week 5 Reflection

Week 5: October 17–21

Hello! In this post, I will be detailing by progress during Week 5 of the ROP.

What I did this week:

  • Had a group meeting with team members on Wednesday ~ 1 hour
  • Gave feedback on reflections ~ 30 minutes
  • Searched for, read, and took notes on research papers ~ 2 hours
  • Completed the Week 5 reflection ~ 1.5 hours

I spent around 5 hours on the project this week. Overall, I did not complete all that I set to complete for this week because of midterms. However, my time allocations were as I expected for the tasks that I did complete. I hope to be able to do more next week (although I do have more midterms).

Reflection on what I did this week:

  • In our group meetings we discussed the overall layout of our project. However, I do think that we need to make our plan more focused and specific.
  • I read two interesting research articles:

Students’ beliefs about conceptual knowledge in introductory physics (

This article was recommended by Fadi. This article was very interesting — I found it especially useful for insight on how to conduct interviews. Interestingly, the researchers interviewed students throughout the course — this eliminates the worry of interviewing students who may have forgotten the material and allows for more real-time analysis of their opinions on the course. They also made sure that the interview flowed in a more natural way, so that they could get the students’ true thoughts.

They only interviewed a few students which made me realize that we do not necessarily need a large number of students to interview (I thought that we would need a relatively large sample size to make conclusions). The interview section of this article was super insightful. I realized that in order to conduct productive interviews, one needs to ask questions that build on top of the student’s comment, in order to go deeper or get clarification.

After reading the article, I did wonder if the interviewers saw the scores of Tony and Daniel before conducting the interviews. If so, I feel like the interviewers should not view the grades or test scores of the students before the interviews since that can introduce bias.

14926150509556646.pdf ( This article was interesting because they conducted surveys and interviews, which is pertinent to our interests. I thought that their methods would be interesting to apply to online vs in-person learning groups. It was also interesting to see how they analyzed the survey data — they use statistical measures.

Questions I would ask a peer to test their understanding:

  • In the Hammer article, what kinds of questions did they ask the interviewees?
  • In the Chang article, what kinds of statistical measurements did they apply to their survey data?

Learning plan for next week:

The goal of highest importance for next week (although this will probably also extend into the week after) is to figure out our research question (narrow everything down, get more specific) -> this will be discussed at the meetings with team members. Another important goal will be to discuss whether we will be able to do interviews and surveys (hopefully we can discuss this with Prof. Sealfon on Wednesday).

  • Meeting up with team members earlier in the week ~ 1 hour
  • Wednesday: Group meeting on Wednesday ~ 1 hour
  • Thursday: Reading chapter 3 and 4 of the NLTK book ~ 2 hours
  • Thursday: Reading more articles pertaining to conducting interviews, conducting surveys, and analyzing data with NLTK (or statistical measurements) ~ 2 hours
  • Friday: Meeting up with team members on Friday ~ 1 hour

Thank you for reading :) And good luck on midterms!

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