Teen Parent Lobby 2017: Day in Review

“Our Truths, Our Stories.”

Teen Parent Lobby Day 2017, Photo Credit Ilene Perlman

Last Thursday, the Mass Alliance on Teen Pregnancy welcomed over 300 participants to our 18th Annual Teen Parent Lobby Day.

Local programs, young parents, and their families gathered at the State House to advocate for the bills and budget priorities that most impact their work and lives including Healthy Families 3000–7000, and S 239, H 284 An Act Enhancing the Educational Outcome of Expectant & Parenting Students.

Teen Parent Lobby Day 2017, Photo Credit Ilene Perlman

An Act Enhancing the Educational Outcomes of Expectant & Parenting Students (S 239, H 284)

Twenty six percent of young people who drop out of high school in the US report teen pregnancy as a leading reason why they left.
This bill would require that municipalities with the highest numbers of parenting students establish an expectant and parenting student liaison who ensures that parenting teens have the tools and support necessary to complete high school.
This solution grants parenting students the ability to complete their education (a right protected by Title IX).
It also benefits the Commonwealth by ensuring that all have access to the secondary education necessary for economic prosperity.
Read more: http://www.massteenpregnancy.org/what-we-do/policy-work-promise-project

Guests heard from a variety of speakers including Senator Thomas McGee, City Councilwoman Judith Garcia, Linnette Nieves (a young parent from Roca Inc.), Katia Ramirez (a young parent from Healthy Families), and Jordan Hampton, PNP and Liz Portnoy (Outreach Worker/Expectant & Parenting Student Liaison) from Chelsea High School.

Teen Parent Lobby Day 2017, Photo Credit Ilene Perlman

Stay tuned throughout the spring as the Alliance continues to advocate for the budget line items through FY 18 budget process. Sign up for our Advocacy Alerts here: http://www.massteenpregnancy.org/support/advocacy-alerts

Jordan Hampton, PNP of Chelsea High School and young parents from Roca Inc., Photo Credit Ilene Perlman

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