Did Apple Just Kill White Label Apps?
Kathryn M. Kosmides

Apple is trying, once again, to protect its end-users. Apple’s main customers are the end users of the Apps, not the developer or the company that creates the apps. The end users are the ones that create the client base and populate the Apple ecosystem, buying iPhones, iPads, Music and iCloud services, etc;

Another good source of revenue for Apple are the great Apps that make people stick to the ecosystem and spend money on apps and in-app purchases. But these apps are NEVER white label.

The white label apps are the ones that are usually free (so Apple gets nothing out of it) and are mostly in-app purchase free. These Apps are driving the users outside the ecosystem to buy products and services from outside vendors. So what’s in it for Apple? Nothing. What’s in it for Apple’s users?… Not much. The experience is usually not great and since there are tons of copies that have the same functionality, they could just get one, the original.

I am glad that Apple steps in for its business and its users. In the end, there will be others benefiting from this as much as the ones loosing from it. I am looking forward to get more work as a Mobile Agency because companies cannot buy crappy templates anymore.