What Will Happen To You If You Meditate For 1000 Days As A Daily Habit?

Mata Grana
Sep 21 · 3 min read

Neither happiness nor sufferings will touch you.

No clinomania. Hence, you won't spend an excessive sluggish moment in bed.

Your ego will rest in peace.

Definition of success is different to you now rather than what society and people taught you past.

Less biased by sex, caste, religion, nationality, atheism, race & ethnicity.

Forget to complain against life.

We will experience a euphoric mental state of calmness and quietness.

Able to built lots of good habits easily.

You won't show off, search for instant gratification and expect validation from people in real life and social media.

Stopped uploading a selfie, provocative, attention-seeking picture or video especially on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, Google+, Musicly, Tik tok and writing platforms like Quora, Medium and Wordpress, Blogger, Reddit and Tumblr.

You won't fall on love and infatuate by watching any person's social media profile.

Stop chasing and craving for a relationship with the opposite sex or same-sex.

You will be more focused, committed and concentrated on your work.

Better control on depressive mood, anger and stress management.

You will start to think wise before act in any situation.

Positive thinking will accompany you for 24 hours.

Act proactive way rather than a reactive way.

You will consider the personality and life philosophy of a person rather than appearance or physical attractiveness to enter into a relationship with someone.

A person will start to gradually feel optimistic and self-confident.

During the tough situation of life, you act very calmly.

Materialistic obsession and emotional attachment will be reduced.

Suddenly everything seems Idyllic.

Start to upgrade social life instead of updating social media profile.

You will begin to fall on the love of the silent moments.

You are not influenced whether society and people give a compliment or criticize about you.

You will give more priority to love and affection rather than sex in a relationship. Sex is just a part of love. It's important but not everything.

Find the positivity and learn a lesson from every bad incident and failure.

A person will be more compassionate, helpful and kind.

Make a plausible distance with social media and online chatting.

Smoking, weed, alcohol, porn addiction can not reach to us.

Blood pressure, anxiety, Insomnia, age-related memory loss will be reduced. Moreover, self-discipline and attention of span will be increased.

Life becomes naive and full of fun.

A person will be more realistic instead of emotional.

You will embrace your failure and shortcoming and won’t do procrastinate.

Never waste countless hours to watch YouTube videos.

A person won't be extremist. He or she respects every religion, indigenous tribe people and atheism.

Your insight and attitude of life will not be shallow, it will be deep.

Always try to find ways to be self-improvement.

You can easily sort out or cope up with any relationship related problem with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Feel good to see the success of your friends.

A person won't misbehave with their loved one & other people and never ever think to hurt anyone physically and emotionally .

Think, act and implement any work with proper plan and schedule.

Go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning.

Never skip breakfast because it is a very important meal for the whole day.

Use smartphone wisely, do silent mode or switch off during important work.

They can adjust to any situation of life like piece of cake.

Interested to know about a different culture, meet and make friends with new people all over the world.

Whether he or she is single or in a relationship, the person will never feel empty and lonely.

They never late and always present at any places on time or in time.

They want to spread love and share their knowledge.

You will feel complete despite having no recognition, countless limitations, and failures.

Feel to offer help to the underprivileged or homeless people.

Don't pretend to be someone else, you will start to become a truly authentic person.

A person will become a good spouse for their partner, mentor and role model for their children.

Surprisingly, you would not want to be popular, viral, famous and celebrity which mass people want, you just work silently but diligently as well as love to help people and work for society.

    Mata Grana

    Written by

    B. Sc. Physical Therapist; Masseur matej.granulic@gmail.com

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