Cooking with Stove Labs #1

What have we been up to in the past weeks?

Matej Šima
Sep 24 · 5 min read

This article provides first-hand insights into Stove Labs as a company, and presents an outline & a roadmap for the upcoming months. We’ll walk you through the technologies we’ve been working on, partnerships we’ve established and community contributions we’ve been able to accomplish.

István Deák joins the team as a Solutions Architect

We are happy to welcome István on board as a Solutions Architect, he will take care of smart contract design, educational materials, design of standards and much more.

Previously working as a Solutions Architect for the NEM Foundation, István brings specific domain knowledge from different technological ecosystems, which will inherently enable us to drive the Tezos ecosystem forward at a faster pace.

István’s introduction to NFTs at EETH in Kiev

Videos, tutorials and other training materials

Beginner’s guide to Tezos smart contracts with LIGO

Good training materials are equally as important as good tools for an effective developer experience. We’ve set out on a path to eliminate obstacles for Tezos developer trainees, from beginners to professionals. Here are a few links to resources we’ve worked on in the past weeks, or have been affiliated with:

Matej showcasing the tools he uses to build DAPPs on Tezos

Defining a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standard

Building apps is fun, especially when there’s a solid framework underneath that you can use. That’s why we’ve built a Tezos NFT Standard — our long term goal is to provide enough infrastructure and technical resources for developers building games, ticketing systems or other NFT-based applications.

Would you like to try it out? There are currently two essential parts of the NFT toolkit itself:

  • nft.ligo → a smart contract with basic NFT capabilities such as transfer of ownership, minting and burning of tokens
Originating nft.ligo with the tezos-client
  • NFT SDK → a typescript/javascript SDK that allows you to read a contract’s storage, and forge various operations such as an ownership transfer.
Using the Tezos NFT SDK to retrieve all existing tokens from an originated contract

What’s next? We plan to release additional versions of nft.ligo, such as an example with additional metadata, extension capabilities, token receiver interfaces, multi-sig integration and much more.

You can learn more about this NFT Standard and follow out progress at our website.

Granary development toolkit updates

Activating the Athens protocol with Granary

Our sandbox development tool has been updated to support the latest available protocols in order to support development efforts behind the NFT Standard and other contracts we’re working on. You can read more about activating protocols in Granary here.

Additionally, thanks to the efforts of the Baking Bad team you can now use Better Call Dev to inspect and debug contracts with Granary’s sandbox.

Implementing the contracts behind the Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt

A month ago, we were honoured to become a part of the Tezos Foundation’s initiative to support the new Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt. The hunt itself is powered by the NFT Standard that we’ve mentioned above, and will also contain additional contracts with hunt/game specific business logic.

Most recently, a mini-hunt for 5,000 XTZ launched as a teaser for the main hunt — which will include a prize of 1,000,000 XTZ.

You can follow the hunt’s progress on Satoshi’s Treasure twitter account.

Mentoring at the First Eastern European Tezos Hackathon

First of all we’d like to thank Everstake and Bake’n’Rolls for organising the very first Eastern European Tezos Hackathon, and also for the opportunity to be a part of the mentors team.

Anastasii and Matej debugging a LIGO smart contract

On the first day, István & Matej gave talks about the NFT Standard, both the contract and the SDK. On the following two days, we’ve enjoyed helping all 15 teams with product analysis and technical support.

In addition to the existing prize pool, we’ve also issued two extra prices (2x500$) to two teams that have built their products using our existing NFT tooling. Those teams were NFT Tickets and Blaze. Congratulations!

You can learn more about the hackathon at its very own website or on twitter.

Where can you get in touch?

If you’d like to keep track of our work and progress then please follow our twitter account or join our telegram chat.

If you’d like to meet us in person, the best opportunity would be the TQuorum Global Summit, where István & Matej will participate with technical demos about the NFT Standard and LIGO — the smart contract programming language.

If you don’t have a ticker for the TQuourum yet, you can grab one at 50% off the price with our promocode “SIMA” or “DEAK”


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