Learn how to implement, test, deploy and extend a simplified token contract following the interface proposed in TZIP-12.

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Article by https://stove-labs.com

A video 📹 walkthrough of this article is available on YouTube as part of the Tezos Dev Day 2020, you can find it here.

Understanding the TZIP-12 standard proposal

TZIP-12 (FA2) is a new iteration of the original FA1 token standard, that was built with the idea of porting ERC-20 to Tezos. At Stove Labs, we drafted an ERC-721-like contract interface for Tezos as the base ground for the Tezos Hunt.

A natural evolution of those two efforts, is the TZIP-12 standard proposal which is inspired from the ERC-1155 standard, combining both ERC-20 & ERC-721 into a unified contract interface.

TZIP-12 is being proposed & actively worked on by the Tocqueville Group, at Stove Labs we’re working on one of the reference implementations using LIGO. …

What have we been up to in the past weeks?

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This article provides first-hand insights into Stove Labs as a company, and presents an outline & a roadmap for the upcoming months. We’ll walk you through the technologies we’ve been working on, partnerships we’ve established and community contributions we’ve been able to accomplish.

István Deák joins the team as a Solutions Architect

We are happy to welcome István on board as a Solutions Architect, he will take care of smart contract design, educational materials, design of standards and much more.

Previously working as a Solutions Architect for the NEM Foundation, István brings specific domain knowledge from different technological ecosystems, which will inherently enable us to drive the Tezos ecosystem forward at a faster pace. …

Building a re-usable competition platform for decentralized artists.

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Work in progress at the Stove Labs office in Vienna


Staked Competitions is a suite of tools, with the intention to provide the Tezos community with a fair and decentralized way to run an on-chain competition, revolving around Digital Assets hosted on the IPFS network.

“Staked” — because contestants will be required to pay a fee before submitting an entry, therefore creating a form of stake or a certain level of gamble to prevent wrongful behavior or abuse.

This article is a beginning of a series that will discuss design, implementation and a testing/production run of the first Staked Competition on Tezos Alphanet & Mainnet.

We’d love to gather feedback on the competition design from the community.

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