4 Medium Posts Not Worth Reading

There were 4 posts today in the Medium daily email I’m not ever, ever going to give a chance

Photo: Andy Fitzsimon (Unsplash)

They all started with the number, 8 this, 5 that, that led to one single decision — I’M NOT GOING TO OPEN THAT.


Could you be even less original? Could you be even more boring? Is it possible to be even more annoying?

I wait to see the day when all of the titles in the Medium email begin with a number. It seems this day is not that far away.

That’s good, for I don’t have much time and being able to ditch those posts straight away makes it easier for me to save time by reading less, a lot less.

Give me something of substance, could you please do that for me, your humble reader. Don’t give me generic titles that make me sick of this whole boring scene. Give me something new, original, something worth spending my time on. The same old type of titles every single day are not it.

And here is a song for all you number lovers, it’s a pretty good illustration of how I feel every time I see a title that begins with a number:

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