I’m not a misogynist, and I’m not traumatized, I married another woman two years after such…
Eric Lauder

A therapist could help you cope with and accept the fact that the society we live in is not perfect and always just. I underwent therapy myself when I experienced traumatic loss and unfair treatment. I do not see anything wrong with getting a therapy just like I do not see anything wrong with going to a doctor to get help in treating your wounds.

I have no idea how did you come to the conclusion that I hate men. I hate no one and therapy can help you get to the point where you feel no need to hate anyone and can accept the fact that gender is not a problem. There is no evil gender, there are just people who are capable of evil deeds, but this has nothing to do with whether they happen to be born as males or females. I find this male-female polarization and labelling completely unnecessary and a problem in itself.