Name even one “basic human right” that is being denied by mean words on the internet.
Sumant Manne

Basic human right that was breached here, Sumant Manne, is the right to not be abused by anyone and the post I quoted was beyond abusive. No one has the right to abuse anyone, that’s not just against the law, it’s against the very core of what it means to be human, as in humane. And once one breaches that line, that’s where this person freedom of speech ends and it should end!

Yet alone when it comes to deeds, not to mention condoning and applauding a murder!

As for your question which group I belong to — I belong to a group of creatures know as Homo Sapiens. The groups is capable of incredible monstrosities as well as incredible achievements and enlightenment. The latter, however, has become increasingly rare, and I am, more often than not, deeply ashamed to be a member of this group.

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