From Arianna With Love

The letter to the contributors

These are the words I just received from Arianna Huffington, since I’m one of the writers for Thrive Global — in short, she is moving Thrive Global from Medium:

“We’ve built a new platform for our contributors, and designed it to make the contributing process as easy as possible.

All of your previous pieces have been moved over to this new platform (and remain on the old one, don’t worry!). But we hope you’ll take a moment today to reset your password and claim your new Thrive Global account.

Though we’ll still have a presence on Medium, we’ll be prioritizing what we feature on our homepage and social media from our new platform. We’re so grateful for all of your contributions and look forward to seeing the next ones!


First Backchannel, and now Thrive Global is giving preference to another platform. Oh, Medium and Medium Staff, when will you begin to listen?

More and more of the writers are become active elsewhere too. I, for instance, opted for Patreon.