You’re not a Black woman, but you rely on the support of a Black woman sisterhood to cope with…
Dr. Amina

I can relate to being a strong woman. I also find that racism and resentment often go both ways. Not that I wouldn’t be able to understand where that comes from, given the history and all of its horrors. But I do find that issues of misogyny are often presented or explained away as strictly racism and I see that as a problem.

So would you say that sexism is not a problem in our society and Black women only have problems because of their race while gender has nothing to do with it? All women, regardless of color, experience sexism, we all suffer from it, and need to be strong in the face of it.

I believe life would be so much easier for us all if we were able to step together as women instead of remain divided and find reasons for everything in racism while ignoring misogyny. If ‘sisters,’ for instance, would refer to all women and not just Black women.

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